Delayed Valentine’s Day Post

Good morning!! I hope you had a lovely Monday and if you celebrated Valentine’s day that it was delightful!

I totally had a post all ready to write last night but I got all snuggly with the husband watching Season 2 of 30 Rock on Netflix and didn’t feel like blogging after that.

Yesterday was our third celebration of Valentine’s day! We went out for Mexican appetizers and margaritas a few Friday’s ago, last Friday I cooked dinner for Brian, and last night Brian cooked for me. I picked up some pretty reasonably priced scallops at Aldi last week and Brian incorporated them along with some shrimp in this delightful pasta dish.


He kind of winged it so I’m not really sure of the recipe. I know he sautéed the scallops and shrimp in a little Earth Balance butter, garlic, and some non-alcoholic white wine, then added tomatoes. Not to mention one of my favorite vegetables, asparagus! It was very nice treat!

Other than that my day was filled with chores and appointments. I cleaned the house, had a dental appointment (2 fillings needed repair), went to a Weight Watchers meeting, took the dog for a check up at the vet, and did homework. You can see why I chose to relax rather than blog!

The weather is still creeping towards spring. I plan on a short run after work today.

Have a good one!

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