Getting A Glimpse

There is just something about a day like today when you know you are a true Wisconsinite. It seems like winter moves in towards the end of October and there is no telling when it will end. Sometimes it seems like it goes on FOREVER but then we are given a glimpse, a shimmer of hope, a reminder that winter does not last forever and soon we will be revealing in the glories of spring. Today was that glimpse. It was gorgeous out! I believe it got up to 47 degrees and it was sunny. The snow was melting like crazy and people were out and about soaking in the sun. I of course headed out for a run. It was great! I was originally going to wear my running tights and my pink fleece lined long-sleeved t-shirt but when I took Izzy for a walk I realized I would be way too hot. I opted for my long sleeve wicking shirt that I got at the Disney half marathon. I didn’t need to wear a hat or gloves and even brought  long my fuel belt with some water and Gatorade. I saw a few people wearing shorts but I thought my legs would get cold, especially as I splashed through the puddles.


It was a pretty great run. After last week’s awesome six miler I knew wanted to go at least that far and ended up doing a little over 7 miles.


I did have to run through a bunch of puddles and my feet were pretty much soaked within the first mile but I didn’t care, just another sign up spring. I even got sprayed by cars as they passed by getting my shirt (and my Garmin) spattered with muddy water, I just kept running and smiling I felt kind of bad ass.


Some how I’ve crossed into this new realm of running where my body and mind physically and mentally want to run long distances even though I don’t have to be cause I’m not training for anything. I like it!

In other news I created my own fabulous steel cut oats in crock pot. This is a Kristin original inspired by my Cranberry Maple oats from the other day.

Vanilla Apricot Steel Cut Oats


  • 1 C Steel Cut Oats
  • 4 C Water
  • 1/3 C Dried apricots chopped
  • 1/4 C Honey
  • 1/4 t sea salt
  • 1 t vanilla extract


Put everything in the crock pot. Give it a good stir. Turn on low. Go to sleep. Wake up to the most delicious bowl of oats you will ever taste! Makes 4 servings about 3/4 C each.

I topped mine with blue berries and black berries and a little shredded coconut. It was very creamy and almost tropical!


The dried fruit cooked over night with the oats give it the perfect sweetness. I bought some different types of dried fruit today at the Co-Op so I can experiment some more with these oats.

Other than that I got a TON done today. I finished this week’s reading for grad school, did all the laundry, and got the shopping done for the week. It feels good to have a good “jump” on another busy week ahead.

Hope you are ready for another week!


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