All’s Calm

Good evening! How was the first part of your weekend? As I mentioned yesterday I had to work all day but now I am home relaxing and it feels good!

Sorry for my short post yesterday but I felt completely frazzled! It doesn’t happen very often but I felt like I had a pretty bad day and it just would not end. It started bright at early. I headed to the pool to get some laps in for the Indoor Ironman. The pool was pretty busy but I managed to score a lane. When there are two people in your lane you swim side by side. If a third person wants to join you need to circle swim going down right side of the lane and coming back on the left side just like this diagram shows.



Well, a woman joined the lane I was already sharing with another woman so I followed her down the right side. What I didn’t realize was that she didn’t know a third person had joined us and we were circle swimming. She was doing the back stroke and when she got to the end of the lane, pushed off (still on the right side of the lane) and ran into me. She was REALLY mad and I felt REALLY bad. I was very lucky that I didn’t get hurt. She didn’t get hurt either, was just surprised. I did notice that she had some scratches on her back from where she hit my goggles. I apologized profusely but I still felt really bad. It was just a miscommunication between all three of us. I guess I thought the woman who joined our lane had told the first woman we were circle swimming. Well, lesson learned, make sure everyone knows what’s going on.

From there my day just felt like it went down hill. I had a lot to do at work and it just seemed like every project I did took longer than I expected. I came home to cook Brian a special Valentine’s Day dinner and even that took longer than I thought. He really likes this recipe from Rachel Ray. I’ve made it before but always had trouble with cooking the chicken. The olive oil always seemed to get too hot and the chicken never cooked through. This time I thought I had the problem solved since I finally have a meat tenderizer and I thought I pounded out the chicken evenly and thin enough but no luck, it still took FOREVER and Brian had to help me! It is such a delicious meal but the chicken part just drives me nuts! I think I’m going to try and bake it next time. It looks pretty though doesn’t it?


This dish also creates a lot of dishes which I volunteered to wash since it was after all Brian’s Valentine’s Day dinner. I didn’t get done with the dishes until almost 8pm and I still had home work to do for grad school! Seriously my day just would not end. It was also mentally challenging knowing that I had to work today. But I pushed through and was able to unwind with a cup of tea and Private Practice on the DVR.

I’m glad I had a “bad day” yesterday because today I ran our Confirmation retreat all day and everything went really well. I even got to the Y before the retreat started to cycle for an hour. I rarely go to the “Open Ride” on Saturdays, I think I did it last year just to get some miles in for the Ironman. It’s kind of fun. It’s two hours on Saturday and you can just come and go as you please, there is no real class. They have a big screen and a projector which they show movies on.  Today we watched the 2006 Ford Ironman World Championship. It was so inspiring and motivating! Maybe some day… I was actually sad that I had to leave. I definitely could have cycled longer and I really wanted to see the end of the race but I had to get to work.

In other news things are warming up here in Wisconsin and by warm I mean above 30 degrees! I see a long run outside in my future!

Have a good night!


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