Hi there! How’s the start of your week? Today is my day off and I have been going, going, going. I had a dentist appointment early, then I did some grocery shopping (more on that to come), came home put the groceries away and did a little cleaning, then I headed to a Weight Watcher meeting, from there I hit up the Y for a god 4 mile run on the treadmill, came home, ate lunch, practiced Zumba, finished up some cleaning, showered, worked on some home work, cooked dinner with Brian, cleaned up the kitchen, and then headed to a meeting at work! Whew! What a day!

So, there are a few experiments going on around here. Do you know what use to reside on this now empty counter in my kitchen?


That is where we use to keep open bottles of red wine, rum, and other liquor that didn’t fit in our cabinet. Why is it empty now? Well, due to some health issues Brian’s doctor recommended that he give up all alcohol for 3 months, starting after the Super Bowl (of course). In a gesture of solidarity and as a way to support him I decided to jump on the bandwagon. So, no alcohol for 3 months. Normally I wouldn’t condone saying that certain foods are off limits because you only end up craving them and binging on other things but I want to do this not only to support Brian but to see how I feel not drinking. Now, I don’t drink a lot. Sure there will be the occasional night out where I have more than a couple drinks in one sitting but these are few and far between. On nights when I don’t work I do enjoy having a glass of wine, but I’ll admit it’s sometimes hard to just have one and I usually end up having two. Even though I don’t drink a lot I do notice that the morning after an evening when I have had a glass of wine (or two) I feel little sluggish and a bit “blah.” It will be interesting to see how this experiment goes. Maybe it will help with my weight loss. I know when I do drink it uses up a lot of extra weekly PointsPlus allowance. Emily who blogs over at the Daily Garnish gave up drinking  completely a few years ago. I found her post on why she gave up drinking very interesting. Who knows maybe this will be a permanent change.

Here’s Brian enjoying his last day of drinking, with friends Ed and Eric, right before the Green Bay Packers became WORLD CHAMPIONS yesterday!


Another thing I’ve been experimenting with is kale! I’ve eaten cooked kale before but I’ve been wary of eating it raw. I decided to try massaged kale. Literally you pour some olive oil (2 TBSP) on the washed kale and massage it until it softens and starts to wilt a little. Then I just sprinkled it with salt and squeezed some lemon juice on it. Ya know what? I really liked it! This might be making a regular appearance in my grocery cart!

One more experiment for today. I was inspired by a segment on Good Morning America that talked about how you can save money at stores like Aldi and Save A Lot so I thought I’d check out our local Aldi. Brian and I do most of our shopping at Wal-Mart but lately I’ve been feeling a little guilty for supporting a business that has some what unethical business practices, but it’s just so hard to beat the prices and convenience! I found Aldi to have most of the items I needed at similar or even less prices than Wal-Mart. The shopping experience was a lot nicer than at Wal-Mart plus they had some fun items like mini-cheesecakes! I hope to convince Brian that Aldi needs to be our first stop on our shopping trips.

Other than that nothing to exciting going on. It’s going to be a busy week, hopefully the business will make winter go faster!

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4 responses to “Experimenting

  1. We always hit Aldi first, then Walmart and then a stop into Pick and Save and Festival durning the week ONLY to shop the flyer if we have time. It works really well. I love Aldi because it is small, takes less time and the price is so great. But, I always need to stop into walmart because we need diapers and you can’t ALWAYS count on Aldi to have what you need. You are going to LOVE produce time in the summer though!

  2. Hi! I saw your comment on healthy everythingtarian from “I think” and I can relate- Im from wisconsin and it is FREEZING HERE! 40s this weekend=shorts and T-shirt 😉 cant wait!

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