Indoor Ironman Challenge 2011

Good afternoon! How are you this first day of February? It is a cold and snowy one here. I’m home on my lunch break and not looking forward to walking back to the office!

Not much new to report here except for that today is the start of the 2011 Indoor Ironman Challenge at the YMCA and guess who signed up and is totally pumped about it????
(ME!!!)  Again, the goal is to complete the swim, bike, and run the distances of an Ironman over the entire month of February. You may remember I did this same challenge last year. I thought it was a great way to stay motivated during the winter and made February fly by, plus since I’m teaching 2 cycling classes a week I should have no problem getting the bike portion done. I created a little spreadsheet to keep track of my miles.

Indoor Ironman Challenge 2011

Today I ran 3 miles on our SCARY treadmill in the basement. I was sure after the last time I tried to run on it I would never do it again. But alas, I found a sub for my Zumba class tonight since I wasn’t sure if my neck would feel better today. While it didn’t feel great I still wanted to get some running in. I thought it might look back if I skipped out on teaching a class and then showed up at the Y to workout this morning, so it was down to the dungeon I went. It really wasn’t that bad. If I went above 6 miles an hour it moved backwards (instead of forwards like last time). It was more of a mental challenge than anything. I must say is was convenient not to have to bundle up in warm clothes, brush the snow off my car, drive somewhere, unbundle, then run, stretch, rebundle, drive home, unbundle, then shower. I pretty much came upstairs stretched and hit the shower. Still, I don’t know how much more of that I’ll be doing, 3 miles is about my limit! Kudos to Brian who as been running on it three times a week! He has a goal of running 5 miles by April and then we are planning on doing a 10K together in July, I’m so excited!

So, that’s about all that is new with me. Got a somewhat busy week on tap but nothing I can’t handle! Speaking of, I better trek back to the office!

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2 responses to “Indoor Ironman Challenge 2011

  1. Thought you might find this interesting. I did a full ironman Monday at our Y here in Arvada Colorado. It was featured on the news.

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