Twisty Pizza Bread

Hi there! How’s you Monday treating you? I’m not sure what my answer to that one would be. I woke up in the middle of night to go to the bathroom and had a crick in my neck from sleeping the wrong way. Unfortunately this is more than a crick it’s a pretty bad pain in the neck, shooting down my shoulder and back. It makes it very hard to turn my head side to side and up and down. Not cool! I had grand plans of going to the Y for a cardio/weight workout but instead I’m laying low at home.

Last weekend at our Packer Party I made Pizza bread and it was a big hit. We had some of the ingredients left over so I decided to make it again during the week to serve with some chili. You can get the full recipe here.

Here are the ingredients I used. 1/2 packaged of turkey pepperoni chopped.


Two TBSP of fresh parsley chopped.


1/2 C of shredded mozzarella cheese.


One garlic clove pressed.


And 1 Tbsp. of flour.


Mix it all up in a small bowl.


Next comes the fun part. For the bread I used two tubes of Pillsbury French bread. Did anyone else use to get scared of the loud “POP” these made when you opened them? These were pretty lame, I actually had to whack them on the counter to get them to open.


Lay the bread out on a floured surface with the seam side up. Make a cut down the seam of reach roll of dough to open it up. Be careful not to cut all the way through.


Next roll the dough down the center to flatten it out.


Place the pepperoni mixture down the center of each roll of dough.


Next roll up the sides and pinch to close shut.


Place the rolls of dough on a baking sheet or in my case a pizza stone, in an X formation. Then twist the ends together.


Next take one egg white mixed with Italian seasoning to give the dough a little egg wash.


The final step before baking is to cut a small slit in the top of each twist to expose some of the filling.


Then all you do is bake for 30 minutes at 375 for golden, flakey, delicious pizza bread!




Didn’t last long in our house! I must say, “kudos” to all those bloggers out there who frequently document their cooking and baking skills. It is not easy and I don’t do it often. When I was done my camera was covered in flour! But it was fun and totally worth it! Hope you enjoyed it!

Have a great start to you week!

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3 responses to “Twisty Pizza Bread

  1. Wow that looks super delicious!!!

  2. Ha! Ha! I’ve had food hanging from my new camera… This pizza bread would be awesome for the superbowl party I’m going to this weekend.

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