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Well, hello there! Long time no blog, I know! Sorry for the brief hiatus. I’ve been trying to post more frequently, at least once a day, most of the time, but since the University is back in session my work gets a little busier. The problem with not posting every day is it is hard to keep you and me caught up. I thought about things I wanted to post about each day but just never got around to it.

On Thursday night I went out for “girls night” with “the girls
We decided to do an “old school” night out. We planned to meet up at the Recovery Room, a bar located near to the college where most of us went (where I also go to grad school) that has rock’n Karaoke on Thursday nights. If you remember it’s also where Brian and I met! Only a few of us were able to make it but we had an AWESOME time. It was just like old times. The whole bar was singing along, people were dancing, it was the best! My brother actually showed up later with his fiancé.It was a such a good time that we stayed until Karaoke ended at 1:00am! That’s pretty late for me to stay out!

Needless to say I was a little tired on Friday! I managed to make it through a busy day of work, cook dinner for Brian, and watch a movie before crashing into bed for an early night.

Yesterday was pretty much a rock star of a day. I felt like I go so much accomplished! I taught 2 classes at the Y, got four loads of laundry washed, dried, and put away, and cleaned the house top to bottom. Later in the evening Brian and I went to see some friends of ours kids play hockey. The little kids were so cute skating (and falling) on the ice! We also went out to dinner with them at a local Mexican restaurant after the tournament, sorry no pictures.

The reason I worked so hard on house chores yesterday was today I had to work…ALL DAY. Yep, that’s right, pretty much put in a 8 hour day. It wasn’t hard work, more about being social and hospitable but that can get exhausting. So, now I’m chilling on the couch snuggling with Izzy!

I promise a more interesting post tomorrow with a step by step demo of how I made pizza bread complete with pictures! Have a good night!


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