Three Things Thursday

Hey there! I feel like I’ve been thinking about this post all day but now that I’m actually sitting down to write it I’m not sure I have three things to tell you! Oh well here it goes!

1. There will be no more Triple Threat Thursdays. I tried to set up another round of Zumba classes at a dance studio in La Crescent. We were going to do 10 weeks for $55. The owner of the studio said she needed at least 4 people to sign up in order to be able to pay me and I think for her to make some money too. Only 1 person signed up! I even offered a free class so people could try it out and a ton of people showed up! I’m kind of bummed because I turned down two other “for sure” offers to teach on Thursday nights, one that paid $25 a class, because I had already committed to the dance studio. On the other hand, it is nice to be done, and clean by 1:30pm on a Thursday. I still might have a chance to teach on Thursday I’m just waiting to hear back form someone. I just really want to teach Zumba at least once a week as it helps me be a better instructor. Right now at the Y I’m on a rotation with three other gals so that’s only once every three weeks, plus once a month on Saturdays.

2. This morning I woke up feeling kind of “blah” My head felt foggy and my stomach hurt. I didn’t feel like I slept well, I kept having crazy stressful dreams! I’m not sure if this was caused by what I ate last night or not. Brian and I had grilled cheeses on fancy bread and they were so delicious I had 1 and 1/2! I’m not use to eating all that cheese! After a green smoothie and a walk outside with Izzy I felt much better and taught and awesome group strength class!

3. Right now the 28 and it’s suppose to get up to 32 tomorrow! Sure feels nice! I sure am glad I don’t live on the east coast! Yesterday I was dreaming of spring so I’ll leave you with a few images from last spring!


I really miss riding my bike outdoors!

flowers 2

flowers 1


Have a good day!


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