Creativity with Leftovers

Good evening! Hope you had a lovely day! We’re having a heat wave here in Wisconsin it got to the mid-20’s today! Suppose hit 30 later this week!

So, after our Packer party on Sunday we had a ton of leftovers. With just two people to finish all of them we had to get creative. Brian and I usually plan our meals once a week, on Sundays. We look at both of our schedules and think about meals we haven’t had in awhile as well as assess what we have in the cupboards and the fridge. We do a big shopping trip two times a month for staples and I hit up the Food Co-Op once a week for fresh produce. Brian is responsible for getting what ever meat we need for the week out of the freezer. I would say our cooking is about 75/25. He cooks about 75% of the time and I do the rest. Sometimes we collaborate and who ever cooks the most doesn’t have to do the dishes. This week we had to get creative with our meal planning. Brian took the left over dips to work yesterday and today. I snacked on the raw veggies yesterday and made a giant salad out of what was left for lunch today.


I needed a little more than salad for lunch seeing as I was teaching Zumba tonight. I used some of our leftover cheeses slices to make something I haven’t had in long long time.


Grilled cheese! This is actually going to be our dinner for tomorrow night but it just sounded so good with salad and it was!

But tonight’s dinner was by far the most creative and delicious creation using our leftovers.

Brian browned some ground venison and added some taco seasoning, we used the leftover chips (baked for me, regular for Brian), lettuce and tomatoes from the taco dip to make walking tacos!


My plate (sorry for the night time lighting).


Brian’s plate.

It was delicious! Perfect after a high energy Zumba class! I also went to my first Pilates class in a long time. The Zumba class I teach on Tuesday night got moved from 4:30pm to 5pm. Since I get done with work at 4pm I figured it doesn’t pay to go home for 45 minutes so I decided  to hit up the new Pilates express class they offer before Zumba. It was only 30 minutes but let me tell you it was intense! I’m definitely going to try and get to more Pilates classes.

Now, I’m chilling on the couch with a glass of wine getting ready to watch the State of the Union. Not going to lie, I have NEVER watched the State of the Union BUT I figure it’s time I grow up a little. Also, I’m taking a Grad school course that focuses a lot on politics and I figure I better get tuned in to some of current events.

Hope your week is going well and you’re all ready for Wednesday!

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