Switching it up over here

Hi there! What’s new with you on this fine Monday? Things over here are pretty normal for a Monday I’ve just switched a few of my regular Monday “to do’s” from morning to afternoon. It’s been a nice change of pace!

Since most of my laundry and cleaning chores were done this weekend because of the big game I had very little house work to do. I did wash up some dishes and launder our sheets. When I tried to redress the bed look who I found lazing the day away.


I hated to kick her out but it had to be done!

I worked on some Zumba moves for some new songs I’ll be teaching tomorrow night and also did some homework for my online class. Then it was off to Weight Watchers I went.

Today’s meeting topic was one which made me feel like I was wasting my money. The topic was exercise. Now, as you can tell from this blog I have no problem getting activity into my life. I LOVE to exercise, but it’s controlling my food in take and losing the mind set of, “Oh I exercise so much I can eat what ever I want.” The leader had us do a little activity where she told us how long we exercised and at what intensity and we had to figure out home many PointsPlus we earned. She gave one scenario where the time was 90 minutes and the intensity was high.  Other meeting members were like, “Who would exercise at a high intensity for 90 minutes???” I wanted to say, “ Uhhhh….I would if I was going out for a 9 mile training run.”  But I just kept my mouth shut, smiled, listened, collected my little gold star ( for losing 5lbs according to the Weight Watcher scale), and headed off to the Y to exercise…for 90 minutes! In the past when I was a Weight Watcher member I made it known that I was a fitness instructor, and did triathlons and half marathons. This time around I just kind of want to keep it quiet. I guess I don’t want people to wonder why I there if I seem to have such a good handle on the exercise thing. It’s about so much more than that. Also, I always felt like when I talked about all my crazy exercise adventures the other members and leader though I was CRAZY! So, I’ll just keep quiet for now.

As I mentioned after the meeting I went to the Y to workout. I brought along some Back on Track Wheat Berry Salad to eat during the meeting and was all fueled up and ready to go. I did Week 1 of the Winter Shape Up series Gina is doing on her blog. She posted Week 2 today but I wanted to do Week 1 one last time. I probably won’t get to try Week 2 until next week as I teach group strength twice the rest of this week. I really loved week 1 and am looking forward to future workouts. I wanted to workout after I weighed in because in case you didn’t know, your muscles can retain water after exercise and I didn’t want that to show up on the scale. I figured I had the time in the afternoon so why not. It was nice to do an afternoon workout for once, even though the Y was surprisingly busy between 1pm and 2:30pm.

Not much planned for the rest of the night. Brian and I are going to do our bi-monthly grocery shopping trip, we are going to try and incorporate all left overs from our party into our weekly meal plan. Then I might work on some more homework or plan out more for classes.

Hope the week has started well for you!


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