A Cheesehead kind of day

Hi there! Whew! Even though I didn’t leave my house all day and pretty much sat on my butt all day for some reason I’m exhausted!

Last night was pretty low-key. I ended up going to church, finishing the laundry, Brian cooked me dinner, and we found a cute movie on Netflix to watch.

Today was all about the Packer Game. Brian’s good friend Joe was in town from Iowa with his daughters. Brian invited them and another friend over to watch the NFC championship game at our place. We don’t have people over very often, mainly because we are always so busy and our house if pretty small. I got to sleep in again and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before doing a quick clean up of the house. Then it was time for the food! You saw from my post yesterday that I was busy chopping up veggies for a veggie tray. Here’s most of our spread.



We had red and green peppers, carrots, yellow tomatoes with dill dip and hummus, chips with taco dip, cheese and venison sausage with crackers, venison sausage in bar-b-q sauce, and crab dip with crackers. But the star of the show was my pizza bread!


I used an old recipe I had collected from a Pampered Chef party YEARS ago. I remember making this for events back in my early 20’s when I had little or no experience in the kitchen. It seemed so difficult back then but today it was pretty easy! It was a huge hit with the crowd and the only appetizer that got totally demolished.

Brian and Izzy got all decked out in their Packer wear!


I may have even been sporting my only Pack item, a sweatshirt from when they won the NFC championship in 1996.

Our house was pretty packed with all the Packer fans. I’m not a huge football fan but it was fun to be a part of the excitement. Joe’s youngest daughter isn’t really into football either so she and I hung out quite a bit. For the pre-game and first quarter she played with my hair, for the second quarter we played solitaire and a game I didn’t even know I had on my laptop called Plants vs. Zombies.



During half-time and the third quarter we baked some cookies. Faith was such a hoot in the kitchen! I let her lick the frosting spreader when we were all done.


For the final quarter Faith played with Izzy, colored, and looked at a Barbie book I had. I had a pretty fun time hanging out with Faith today. It was good to have someone to laugh with when the rest of the crowd went CRAZY when the Packers made a touchdown!

Even though I was snacking all afternoon I don’t really feel satisfied yet don’t really feel hungry….annoying! I think I need some fruit in my life!

Have a good night an great Monday!

P.S. Joe started a blog about brewing your own beer check it out here!

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