Getting my healthy on!

Hey there! How’s the weekend going? Mine has been just perfect! To make up for my lack luster posting this past week I have a very full and colorful one for you today just chocked full of lovely pictures!

Brian and I slept in this morning which means we didn’t set any alarms and just let our bodies wake us up, which, because during the week we get up SO early, was about 7:30am, which I think feels pretty nice. Despite getting a lot of sleep I still felt groggy and I knew that I needed some fuel and fitness to get me going. I went for the one thing I know gets me going and feeling healthy in the morning, a Green Monster, even though it is still cold out! After leisurely eating breakfast and drinking some green tea I got ready to go work out. I downloaded a new book onto my MP3 player, and packed an after workout snack since I knew I’d be heading to the Co-op after.


Half a banana (I didn’t use for my smoothie) and a handful of almonds. The perfect combo of healthy carbs, protein, and fats! Usually when I have a free weekend I end up teaching fitness classes at the Y but for the winter/spring schedule I decided to only teach once a month and possibly sub when needed. I had a lot of offers to sub today but passed. It was nice to be able to do my own thing. I did Gina’s Week 1 Winter Shape Up including a 20 minute HIIT. I know I thought this workout was hard the other day but I wanted to challenge myself and I knew it would be a good workout. The circuit portion once again kicked my butt and I wasn’t sure how the HIIT would go but knowing it was only 20 minutes made me want to continue to challenge myself. It was a really good workout! I was dripping with sweat, felt like I worked every major muscle group, but didn’t feel drained.

I headed over to the Co-Op to buy some fruits and vegetables for the week as well as some for tomorrow’s Packer party. I decided to treat myself and got a Chi tea at the Co-Op to sip while I shopped. It was the BEST Chi tea I have ever had and it kept me full until I finished preparing my lunch. Look at all the colorful veggies I came home with. Then it was time to get chopping!


My plan was to prep some veggies for tomorrow’s party as well as make Angela’s Back on Track Wheat Berry Salad which contained many of the same veggies. First up the tomatoes!


Then the red and green peppers (only used the red pepper for the salad the rest are for tomorrow).


Then an English cucumber (for salad only).


Scallions for flava!


And parsley!


So colorful all together!


I had already cooked the wheat berries last night (they were hiding under the veggies). All I had to do was rinse the garbanzo beans, whisk up the dressing, and mix it all together. Here’s the final product!


This was so delicious! You must make this today! It’s fresh, light, flavorful, AND healthy! It probably only took me about 15 minutes to chop and throw it all together. Just looking at that picture makes me want to have some more!

Besides making a new recipe and getting in a good workout I’ve been getting some laundry done and hanging out on the couch with Izzy. She’s super pumped about the Packer game…can’t you tell?


Not sure what’s planned for the evening. Brian is out ice fishing (CRAZY!) so he promised fresh fish for dinner. His friend Joe is in town with his daughters so we might meet up with them.

Hope what ever you are doing it makes you healthy and happy!


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