Three Things Thursday

1. Today I have already taught two kick ass fitness classes at the Y. I used the moves that Gina offered in her Winter Shape Up routine as well as the cardio blasts in my Group Strength class this morning, and let me tell you! It was hard! My class loved it and I am already feeling it! After that workout I didn’t know how much energy I’d have left to teach cycling but my new workout and “pump you up” music really energized me. The whole class was dripping in sweat! Now, I just have to summon the rest of my energy to teach Zumba tonight! I see a gentle yoga for me tomorrow.

2. Oddly,  I have been craving and drinking a lot of these bad boys lately.


This is a mega Green Monster with skim milk, spinach, Amazing Grass, a banana, and frozen pineapple. Why, might you ask is this odd? Because today the temperature in Wisconsin is a low of  -20 (yes that’s a negative) and high of 10! Tomorrow the high is predicted to be 0 to 5 above! Not sure why I’m craving something cold but I’ve also been craving ice cream! Crazy! Green Monsters just make me feel good!

3. From now until I have to get ready for Zumba I’m going to put my feet up and watch one of my new favorite shows “Off the Map.” Looking forward to the return of “Parks and Rec.” and “The Office” tonight.

Hope you’re having a good day!


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