Pop goes the blogger

Hey there! Just popping in for a quick hello! I know yesterday I said that this week I had very few evening commitments, because of this we are getting some stuff done around the house. Tonight from the time I got home,
(4pm) I cooked dinner, prepped dinner for tomorrow night, packed a lunch for tomorrow and read my favorite blogs. Brian put air the tires of my car, emptied out and dismantled our old entertainment center, washed the dishes, and we worked together to put our TV and other components in the new entertainment center. Right now he’s reassembling the old entertainment center in the basement and I’m blogging. I should probably we working on some homework. I started and online course this week for my masters degree and have just come realize how attentive I’ll need to be to make sure I keep up on it. There are reading assignments and forums we need to respond to online every week. Not to mention a few big papers. Yikes!

I can’t believe I didn’t write about my first run after the half marathon. I ran on the treadmill at the Y on Sunday. I managed to do 4 miles in a little under 40 minutes. It seemed to fly buy since I was almost finished listening a really goo book (The Help) on my MP3 player. I went to a great yoga class afterwards and didn’t feel any pain in my leg or back. Today I ran on the treadmill again and did about 10 minutes of stretching after. This time I covered 4.5 miles. I ran .40 at 6.0 miles an hour, then .20 miles at 6.5miles an hour, then .20 miles at 7 miles ad hour. I repeated this five times and then finished with .50 miles at 6.0 miles an hour. Again the time just flew by! I felt really good running but my leg did hurt a little bit today. Sigh! This is the first time it has hurt since before the half marathon! I kind of thought I was over this. Oh well! It’s nice not having to worry about training for something. I don’t want to lose all the fitness I gained while training but I also don’t want to permanently injure myself. Since I was feeling good my plan was to keep doing some shorter maintenance runs and maybe a longer run here and there But now since I’m feeling some pain I might take a break. I still have to get in to see a doctor to really have my injuries checked out.

Other than that not much new. Tomorrow my dad is coming to over to help us hook up our new GIANT television he gave us when he got his 3D TV, hence the new entertainment center. Hope your week is going well!

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