Busy… but laid back

Well howdy do to you on the this Monday evening! How did your day go? Sounds like a lot of people had off due to Martin Luther King day. Hope if you had today off you enjoyed it! I had the day off but I usually have Mondays off anyways! Smile

The reason I cleaned my house yesterday was because I knew I would be pretty busy today. I had appointments at 9am (hair cut), 12:00pm (Weight Watchers), and 3pm (spiritual direction). In between these appointments I ran some errands, read some blogs, and worked on some new workouts for the fitness classes I teach.

Brian came home from work, shoveled (yes it snowed….again), walked the dog, went for a run, AND cooked us dinner! We were both busy bees. After dinner Brian worked on putting together a new TV stand,


while I put together a new playlist for one of my cycling classes.


Drinking wine and wearing a hoodie really helps!

Izzy watched both of us curiously as she gnawed on her Nylabone.


Just a typical night at the Johnson house! Nothing much else to report around here. It’s a pretty light week as far as work and evening activities go, I’m looking forward to it. It be long before things amp up again!

Hope weather your week is crazy busy or laid back that it started off well!


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