Healthy is a Feeling

Well good afternoon to you! I hope you are having a nice Sunday. Mine has been pretty nice! It started out with this


A lovely breakfast cooked by my husband! I don’t normally eat this much for breakfast but he was excited to open a package of lean venison sausage and whip up some eggs just for me! This kept me full through church and a major cleaning of our house. I’m not sure how our house got so dirty, we were gone for six days and I cleaned right before we left. Oh well! Now everything seems to be back in order. Now, I’m relaxing doing a little of this


while hanging out with this lazy creature.


She’s so big she almost takes up the whole couch!

I wish I would have had my camera last night. I headed out to my parents house to share with them all our adventures from our trip to Florida. My mom made up a lovely fruit and cheese plate and we drank wine while looking at my pictures and watching the video Brian took of the race. I ended up staying for dinner where my mom made a delicious spaghetti pie. They also served me a very special dessert, fancy honey flavored German liquor served over ice cream! But alas I didn’t bring my camera!

It was fun reliving our trip with my mom and dad it also helped me recover from those post-vacation blues. Another thing that helped was going to yoga yesterday after I taught Zumba. The instructor was so awesome! She talked a lot about our breath and being open to the energy our breath creates. While I was doing the poses and thinking about my breath and energy I felt so healthy and alive. I recognized how much I appreciate what my body does for me. For a long time I use to be mad that I had to work so hard to lose weight or even maintain a healthy weight but honestly I’m glad I’ve had to work so hard. I mean, I’ve been working at this since I was 14 but because of it I have an appreciation and love for doing thing,s rather it be exercise or eating healthy, that make me feel good and healthy! Healthy truly is a feeling and I think everyone can feel it if they try.

Speaking of, it’s time I got off my butt and head to the gym of my first run since the half marathon and then I think I’ll stick around for another yoga class!

Have a great day! Smile


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