A different type of recovery

Hi there! Are you glad it’s Friday???? I am! Hope you have fun plans for the weekend. Me, not too much going on. I teach Zumba at the Y tomorrow morning then I plan on catching up on things around the house and maybe heading over to my parents house to show them some things I got from Disney.

So, after all the hullaballoo with the Disney Half Marathon and my Florida trip I’m left with the big question…now what? To be honest I’m suffering from a little bit of post-vacation/post-half marathon blues and have been trying hard to recover from it. It has occurred to me that I have been training for something since last March, that’s about 10 months of focus and discipline. First was the Olympic Distance Triathlon, then the Maple Leaf Half Marathon, and then the Disney Half Marathon. I always had goal I was working towards and a training plan I was following. I was consumed (in a good way) by training and planning for these events and enjoyed writing about them on the blog. Now that they are over I am feeling a bit of a void. I even Googled some marathons that are coming up in 2011 and looked at training plans. But, I had to stop myself. I think it is good to have long term goals to work for but I can see where they can be addicting. I do want to do a full marathon some day but I know that right now I need to give my body and my brain a break. There are lots of other things in my life that I need to deal with  right now. One of them being finding out what is up with the injuries I suffered from during this last bit of training. I know that I want to continue to be active for the rest of my life but I also want to be healthy and relatively pain free.

Getting away for awhile was so nice! Especially when I was able to spend time with my very good friends and Disney is such a positive happy place. Let’s just say it has been hard transitioning back to work where the atmosphere is less than positive. I love the work that I do at   the church but it is so challenging sometimes! And the environment there kind of brings me down sometimes. Not going to lie, it has been tough but I know that the work I do is meaningful and that is the hope I hold on too. I am grateful I have my other job at the Y which keeps me energized and more positive. It creates a nice balance.

So, until I figure out what’s going on with my leg and get some other things sorted out there won’t be much talk of training for any special events here on the blog. I will continue to share my pursuit of health and wellness as well as my many experiments in the kitchen, and fun and unique eating experiences.

How do you recover from post-vacation or post-race blues?


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