Hi there! How’s it going? Are you easing back into the work week successfully? Today was my first full day in the office and it was busy, busy, busy! Made the day go fast though!

Early this morning I hit up the YMCA for one of my last maintenance runs on the treadmill. It was pretty packed! Lot’s of people starting those New Year’s resolutions I suppose. I ran into another instructor who asked about my up coming run and then later another woman I knew asked if I was training for anything and I proudly told her about the Disney Half. Another woman I know was listening to our conversation and all of them wished me good luck and said they couldn’t wait to hear about my race when I got back. I kind of felt like a superstar! I will think of these women and their good wishes while I am out there running.

We are just about packed and ready for our trip and the fridge is looking awfully bare! Sadly, I will not be brining my laptop with so probably won’t be blogging. The condo we are staying at doesn’t have Wi-Fi and I don’t really want to spend what little time I have down there looking for an internet café or paying for internet use. So, you’ll just have some nice newsy recaps to look forward to next week.

Today the temperature where I live in Wisconsin was 12 degrees, Orlando was 72! CAN. NOT. WAIT!

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One response to “Superstar

  1. Don’t get me wrong: I’m ready to get out of the Midwest COLD temps, but don’t forget that it will only be around 45 degrees when we start running!!

    Do you know what corral you are in? You can call Track Shack Orlando’s Events department to find out as long as you have your bib number. Let me know if you need the number!

    It’s almost here!!!

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