Christmas Part 2 and New Years

Hey there! How are you doing on this first Monday after the Holidays? Hope it isn’t too rough on you. I did not have to work at the office today but I have been checking things off my “to do” list like a mad woman! I took down the Christmas decorations, cleaned the kitchen and  bathroom, washed and vacuumed the floors, dusted, walked the dog, hit up a Weight Watcher meeting (I lost 2lbs since last week!!!) and am now blogging! The only things I have left to do are practice some Zumba moves and start packing for our trip!

So, most of last week was spent celebrating Christmas with Brian’s family. His sister and her family came from Detroit and his brother and his family came from the east side of Wisconsin. The best part of celebrating Christmas with Brian’s family is the kids! Our nieces and nephews are so cute and it is so fun to watch them opening their presents. But, it is very hard to snap a picture of them because they are always on the move. Here’s some of the moments I tried to capture!


Our youngest nephew fast asleep with his mama (this was the easiest way to get his picture!).


Our oldest nephew was so happy to get the game Mouse Trap from us!


My youngest niece said she was, “buried in presents!”


Our oldest niece got Scrabble Flash from us. It must have been the year of games!


Silly Uncle Brian!

New Years Eve was pretty low-key. Brian took the older kids ice fishing along with his dad, brother, and brother-in-law. The women folk and the younger kids stayed home and watched the  House Hunters International marathon and other shows we knew the boys wouldn’t watch. For most of the  day I had one or more of my nieces and nephews snuggling with me. It was so nice! Here’s a picture with three of them!


I love this picture! Just wish the little guy would have been in there too!

Brian’s parents got us “big kids” a 1000 piece puzzle to work on. At 7pm I suggested that we try and put it together before the New Year. Come to find out I stink at puzzles! I let Brian, his brother, his sister, and his sister-in-law take over.


They totally killed it and had it complete an hour before midnight! Before ending the night we had to have some champagne. How many Johnson’s does it take to open a bottle of champagne?

100_2624 100_2625


Got it! Yay!


Happy New Year!


I’m pretty impressed that we were able to stay up until midnight!

New Year’s day was also low key. I hung out at my parents watched the Tournament of Roses parade, played some games, and ate turkey made in dad’s new indoor turkey fryer! Delicious! Glad we bought him that Open-mouthed smile!

So that about wraps up my holiday celebrations. Even though I’m only working two days this week I think it’s going to seem like a long week. Can’t wait to get to Florida!

Well, I better get back to that “to do” list. Hope you have a wonderful start to 2011!

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