2011 The Year of the Mouse

Hello there! Happy New Year! You can thank my friend Marianne for the title of this post. She signed one of her emails to me about our upcoming trip to Orlando with it. Open-mouthed smile Speaking of our trip to Orlando, today I did my last long run before the half marathon. It was SUPER cold here in Wisconsin today. Surprisingly most of the snow and ice have been washed away by the rain we had a few days ago so I wasn’t worried but about slipping or falling but it was just too cold. At noon the wind chill hadn’t gotten above 0! So I decided to run my 8 miles on the treadmill at the Y. As I ran I thought about how the very first 8 mile run I did was on the treadmill because it was too hot out and there was a terrible thunderstorm. Oh the irony of living in Wisconsin. I had to really mentally prepare to run that long on a treadmill but it wasn’t really that bad. I downloaded a new audio book, The Help which I have been meaning to read for awhile now. I’m really glad I’m listening to it rather than reading it. The readers do excellent job of personifying the characters plus you get the Southern accents and the dialects. It made the time fly and now I can’t stop listening to it. The Y was PACKED this afternoon. Must be all the New Year’s resolutioners!

Like most people in the world I see the New Year as a time to start fresh and take a look at your life and where it could be headed for the upcoming year. Rather than make resolutions I have decided to set a few goals for 2011. Here are some of my health/blog related goals.

1. Floss my teeth EVERY DAY! I use to be so good at this but have gotten really lazy about it. It is very important for everyone but especially for me since my teeth are really close together. This should be an easy goal to accomplish it’s just getting into the habit.

2. Make sure the dog gets walked at least twice a day. My “little” baby needs to lose some weight. And as I’m sure you can tell from the pictures she is REALLY lazy! Since we work all day the only exercise she gets is when we walk or play with her. With the cold weather and exercising so much I get pretty lazy about walking her. Brian walks her most of the time at night but it’s my job to do it in the morning. I use any excuse to not do this but it’s time to stop.


3. Blog more regularly with more purpose and gain more readership and connections with other bloggers. I have really enjoyed blogging over the last year and would like to see what more I can do. I think having my new spiffy computer will make blogging easier and more accessible.


4. Figure out what is wrong with my back and my leg and do what it takes to heal them!

5. Once I take care of number 4 then I would like to start thinking about and planning on when to do a full marathon and/or a half Ironman! I would also like to an Olympic Distance triathlon again and work on improving my time. I’m sure not stopping to go to the bathroom would really help!

6. And for my last one, I know this is so CLICHÉ and I know everyone sets “weight” goals but honestly I would like to get back to a weight so I am within the healthy BMI range. I know that if I follow the new Weight Watchers program I can do this. I don’t have that much to lose. I want to do this to not only look good for my brother’s wedding in July but also for health reasons. It can only help me maintain my active lifestyle and hopefully suffer less injuries.

So that’s it for my healthy living/blogging goals for 2011. Hopefully once I get my injuries straightened out I can be more specific about number 5. I think having goals is important but I also realize that you can’t plan out everything in life. I certainly didn’t say at the beginning of 2010 that I wanted to run the Disney Half Marathon and here I am less than a week away from doing it! You just never know what life has in store.

That’s about all from me for today. Brian has been gone all day to the Packer game with his brother, dad, and friend. So besides running I’ve just been hanging out in my sweats with the dog doing laundry. I have also been enjoying the Netflix instant downloaded feature on my new PS3. Right not I am watching Short Circuit.


Remember that movie? What a classic 80’s film!

Tomorrow I’ll recap the rest of Christmas and our New Year’s celebration. Have a good start to your week!

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