Three Things Thursday

1. My nieces and nephews are here! Yesterday we celebrated my nephew Alex’s 7th birthday.


I’ve also gotten play with one my favorite childhood toys, Barbie! My nieces can have endless hours of fashion shows!


2. One week from today I’ll be flying to Florida for the Disney Half Marathon! It seems like it was so long ago that I signed up for this, it’s hard to believe it’s here. With all the CRAZY weather causing delays all over the country I have been obsessively checking the 10 day forecast. So far it looks like we’ll be okay. I’m still crossing my fingers! Today my body (back and leg) feel the best they have in a week. I spoke with a Pilate’s teacher at the Y this morning who is also a Physical Therapist. She does not think I have a disc issue (this is good news) and said I probably have two separate injuries. She suggested taking Pilates for my back issues, this might be a goal for the New Year. 

3. For a snack in between my two fitness classes I had a green smoothie and a molasses cookie. Those to balance each other out, right? 🙂

Looking forward to celebrating Christmas tonight with Brian’s family!


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