The day after

Hello blog world! I hope you holiday was wonderful. Mine was just delightful. I don’t know about you but I feel like the day after Christmas is a day to play with all your new “toys” I’ve only played with a few of mine today!

Brian and I headed over to my parent’s house around lunch time hoping to score some leftover lasagna from the night before. When we got there we took their dog Mosey for a walk. My parents live out in the country and everything was so beautiful with the light dusting of snow from the night before.


I also got some pictures of their beautiful tree.



For most of the afternoon we just hung out, watching a movie on my dad’s 3D TV and helping my mom get ready for the Christmas dinner. When my brother and his fiancé arrived it was time to open presents.


I love the look of surprise and delight on Raina’s face when opening a camera lens from my parents.


We got my brother an extension for a game he likes to play. He looks happy to me! All us “kids” got together and got my dad an indoor turkey fryer but the picture I took turned out blurry. He was really surprise and said he had just seen an infomercial about it and was thinking of getting one. Do we know my dad or what?!


But, my gift to my mom was a real winner, it made her cry! My cousin and I hatched a plan to take our moms (my mom’s sister) to a dinner theater. We had done this in the past with my grandma (their mom) before she pasted away 7 years ago. I wonder if my aunt cried too!

Then it was time for dinner. Brian’s mom and dad joined us. My mom set the table using her fancy china.


We had a giant honey ham for our main course.


It was so nice to have everyone gathered round the table (except my dad, I think he was taking a picture too).


Lots of delicious food. Ham, green bean casserole, cheesy potatoes, and fruit salad.


We also had some delicious baklava for dessert but I somehow forgot to snap a picture! We also played a really fun game that my brother got from Raina’s parents as a gift. It was a very nice time spent with family.

Today had been pretty low-key. I’ve gotten to “play” with some of my presents. My back has been feeling ok, but now the pain in leg has returned. Is there a connection between my back pain and my leg pain? I think so. But more on that tomorrow. I really wanted to go for a run. It was sunny and not too cold. I also wanted to try out my new hydration belt.   I still was hesitant because when I was at church my back still felt a little achy. I picked a route where I could easily turn around at 2 miles, 3 miles, 4miles or more if I wasn’t feeling good. I ended up running 8 and felt pretty good while running. Now my leg hurts but not my back. My biggest fear was having that debilitating back pain return but it didn’t. I did get a little cold but it wasn’t too bad. Nothing a soak in a nice hot tub and a cup of tea couldn’t fix when I got home.

I also played with this present from my dad.


Can us guess what it is? It’s called a “Whip It” and it makes sparkling water!


I had a little lemon spritzer this afternoon! Super fun! Another really AWESOME gift we got was a PS3! We don’t really play video games but it is also a Blue Ray disc player plus so much more! Once I get it hooked up I’ll let you know how I like it!

Well, that’s about all from me. Brian and I were invited over to his cousin’s house for dinner. Not sure if I’ll bring the camera or not. It should be a nice time.

Hope your holiday was filled with fun and family and if you have to go back to “the real world” tomorrow it’s not too bad. Brian’s sister and brother and their families are coming on Wednesday so for us the celebration has just begun!


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