Thank You Santa!

Hey there! Good evening to you! Christmas is almost here! Santa (The UPS man) brought my present early!




My very own laptop!!! I have been saving any extra cash I earned doing odd jobs and I asked everyone to give me money for Christmas to off set the cost. I asked my brother’s fiancé who use to work for The Geek Squad about brands of laptops to look into. My dad, a technology expert, did some investigating and suggested three options. I was totally going to buy a different Toshiba because it cost a little less but then this beauty went on sale on Newegg for the same price so I snatched it up!  I haven’t had much time to play with it but  so far I like it! It’s a little smaller and lighter than my work laptop which is nice. It’s also newer and faster. I am so excited! I’ve wanted a laptop for awhile now. My work one was fine but I didn’t really feel comfortable taking it away from work and using it for my own personal use.

In other news I’ll have plenty of time to play with my new toy tomorrow as I had to get subs for my two fitness classes. My back is REALLY acting up again. It is so painful to even stand up after sitting awhile. This is not good. I was glad I was able to find subs I know I just need to rest my back. This is not good for my running! After the half marathon I might have to get my back looked at, this just isn’t good! The only time I felt good today was when I did yoga. I find it is best to not sit or stand too long.

We have lots of things planned for this evening. We need to head to the store to buy a few items for this weekend, I plan on baking some cookies of my own, and I need to cut Brian’s hair.

Hope Santa is as good to you as he was to me!


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