Cookies Galore

Well hello there! Nice to see you on a Tuesday! I am usually SUPER busy on Tuesdays and don’t have a minute to think let along blog. But today….not so much and I am loving it!

Last night after dinner Brian and I headed over to his parent’s house to help them make Christmas cookies. I am not a very good baker, but my mother and father-in-law are experts and so is my husband. It was super fun because Beth and Duane already had the dough mixed up and even the cut out cookies baked so we got do the fun parts!

Beth shaping the sandbakkels. They are very thing and delicate. They look like little pie crusts.


I helped with these. It takes some practice getting the dough pressed so thin but not too thin that they break.

Duane was making the scrolls. He had this fancy iron that he set over the burner on the stove.

Pouring the batter onto the iron.


Flip the iron! Be careful not to let it burn!


When the cookie is done you have to quickly get it off the iron and roll it around a small wooden stick. Duane did this so fast I could barely take a picture!


The finished product.


Brian worked on frosting the cut out cookies.


I think I married a cookies artist in disguise!


Next he got to work on rolling the dough for the peanut butter star cookies.



After they are baked you press the chocolate star into the middle (that’s my favorite part!).


These are my favorite type of Christmas Cookie, probably because of the chocolate. I had to sample one to make sure they tasted ok!


They were delicious! It was a fun activity to do on a snowy night! I also had a lot of fun playing around with the different settings on my camera. When my old camera broke way back in March and we had to get a new one we decided we couldn’t afford a fancy DSL. BUT I think the one we chose is really the next best thing, maybe even better since I don’t have to carry around extra, expensive lenses. I used the macro setting for some of these pictures and I think it does a nice job!

In other news, according to the Internet, Santa (a.k.a. UPS) will be brining me my Christmas present EARLY! It’s suppose to be here tomorrow! Just wait until you see it! So excited!

Have a good night!    

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One response to “Cookies Galore

  1. I totally just stumbled across your blog but I wanted to ask if your in-laws were Norwegian or Swedish? My family is also Scandinavian and there’s nothing like fresh Krumkake (the rolled cookie) fresh off the grill. It’s all in the timing. Delish!

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