Hello there blog world! How is that start of Christmas week going for you? Mine has been pretty good so far!

Even though it’s my day off I got up early with Brian to hit the treadmill at the Y. I had a surprisingly good 3 mile hill run.  It was  surprising because a. It was on a treadmill, b. When I got to the Y I realized my MP3 player had no battery left and I was really looking forward to listening to the book I downloaded, c. I was still a little sore from Saturday’s 10 mile run.

After my run I came home, ate some breakfast, did some cleaning, and practiced some Zumba moves.  I got a new set of music and choreography and I LOVE it! I wish I had time to learn every song for tomorrow’s class. (I only had time for 1). Then  I showered and headed out to a Weight Watcher meeting. I only lost 0.2lbs but last week I hadn’t exercised before weighing in so I’m not sure how that correlates to what the scale says. Like I’ve said before I’m not going to get wrapped up in the numbers and losing weight this time of year is pretty good no matter how small the amount. I am still really loving the new PointPlus program. So much more livable than the previous program.

After WW I headed home to cook up a lunch consisting of a few of my favorite healthy foods. First up quinoa.




Sweet potatoes and mushrooms (plus the kale washed and torn into bite size pieces).


Saute the sweet potatoes and mushrooms in olive oil until they brown and start to soften.


Then add the kale, white wine, garlic, salt and pepper.


Cook until veggies are tender. Wow that kale really cooks down!


Serve over quinoa.


So colorful, rich in anti-oxidants, and full of flavor. I got the recipe from an old  issue Real Simple. You can find the complete recipe here. 

This recipe did take a bit longer to prepare than I anticipated so I was SUPER hungry when it was finally time to eat. I like cooking something healthy I can eat all week. This seemed like the perfect recipe seeing as we are getting MORE snow. I’m pretty sure NONE of the snow from the last blizzard has even melted. Oh well!

Today I also ordered a very special Christmas present for….MYSELF! More on that later, I hope it arrives by Christmas!

Not much else is new. Brian and I have plans to help his mom and dad bake Christmas cookies tonight! Should be a fun time! Have a great holiday week!

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2 responses to “Surprisingly

  1. Wow that looks absolutely delicious! Sweet Potato, mushrooms, and quinoa are three of my favorite things! I will definitely have to try this recipe!

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