Up and at em!

Well good (early) morning! Every morning this week when my alarm went off between 5am and 5:30am I thought to myself, “I can’t wait until Saturday when I get to sleep in! I have NOTHING I have to do until later Saturday afternoon.” What time did I wake up this morning? 5:30am! I tried to stay in bed and fall back asleep but no luck! So, I decided to get up and do something productive like…blog! Sorry for not blogging much this week. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to blog on a daily basis!

Brian and I like to plan a special “date night” for December to celebrate the end of an intense 3 moths of hunting seasons and to have a chance for just us to spend time together before the rush of the holidays. Last night was the night! Originally we had considered Sushi but decided with the cold weather hot food would be a better option. I  told Brian how much I loved my last visit to Four Sisters and showed Brian their NEW web-site. He thought we should give it a try!

We got to sit on one of their comfy little couches, perfect for date night! We started with drinks. Brian got a fancy beer from California, Little Sumpin Wiled Ale.


Brian would like you all to know that he took this picture. We were doing a little experimenting  (competing) with the camera!

I stuck with the Deep Purple Red Zin.


Brian was pretty hungry so we started with three of their tapas. First up the Fatboy Trio:  Succulent shrimp stuffed with our signature
Parmesan horseradish cream cheese, served with
cocktail sauce




Very delightful with a nice little kick of horseradish!

We thought we better get some type of bread and dipping sauce. We decided on The Granddad Spread: Hickory smoked bacon, chopped spinach, shallots,
garlic, Parmesan cheese and artichoke hearts
mixed in sour cream, mayo and rich cream cheese



Very rich and delicious, perfect in little bites! Then we decided to try the Empanada Najel: Flaky puffed pastry filled with lean ground beef and Swiss Gruyere, seasoned with onions, garlic and peppers, served with our buttermilk dipping sauce.


Not the prettiest picture but these were really good! Can you believe I have never had an empanada? Brian told me a funny story about an old neighbor who use to make him and his family authentic empanadas as a gift. Even after 4+  years of marriage and  9 years together I’m still hearing new stories from Brian’s childhood. That’s the beauty of date night! Brian was still hungry so we ordered two more tapas. First up Cheesy Persian Caps: Hand-selected silver dollar mushrooms filled with our signature three cheese blend, bacon, spinach
and a hint of garlic.


We also go the Julia Belle Margherita Flatbread: Crisp wood-fired flatbread with the finest California tomatoes, fresh Wisconsin Mozzarella and garden
We had to try this seeing as Brian use to work on the Julia Belle and it’s kind of a big part of how we met! For more on that story check out this post.


I let Brian eat most of these dishes as I was saving room for dessert…a cheesecake lollipop!


After we finished are food we relaxed on our tiny little couch finishing up our drinks and talking. It was so nice! A perfect date night!


Well, I have a long run planned for this morning and I’m going to attempt to run outside! I have not run outside since my 10 mile run after Thanksgiving. I have also not run outside since it snowed! Wish me luck! I’m waiting for it to get a little lighter out and hopefully a little warmer. Right now it’s 9 degrees and the wind chill is 3! Can you believe a week from today it will be Christmas?! And 3 weeks from today I’ll be running the Walt Disney World half marathon!!! I just heard them say on the news that it finally warmed up to 70 degrees in Florida, let’s hope it sticks!


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