Tenacious Ten

Well hi there! Surprised at two posts in one day? I guess that’s what happens when you wake up before the crack of dawn!

I’m just back to report about my 10 mile run! To read about other 10 mile runs check out these posts.

Perfect 10

And it ended with a blast!

I’ll admit it I was a little intimidated by this run. I hadn’t run more than five miles since Thanksgiving, I hadn’t run outside since Thanksgiving, I NEVER run in the snow! I was mostly concerned about the sidewalks/roads being slippery.  I was also worried about having to climb over GIANT snow banks. Last weekend we got over a foot of snow. The plows have come through and done a pretty good job but at each corner there are huge piles of snow and not everyone clears out a path. I was also worried about getting cold. I use to ski and had to buy expensive gloves to keep my hands warm and even had boot heaters and I still got cold! I was also concerned about how my body would hold up. My leg has still been a little achy here and there but not too bad and I have exercised the last 6 days, even running yesterday, I usually don’t run two days in a row but had to because of my schedule.

I started out cautiously taking careful strides. The sidewalks weren’t too bad and I didn’t have to climb over a snow bank until about a mile into my run (thanks neighbors!) and after that hardly at all. It wasn’t easy going and I had to keep my eyes on the sidewalk at all times but with a little tenacity I got the job done. I had decided to take route where I could easily back out at 8 miles or go a full 10 miles. After the first two miles I knew was going to go the full 10! My pace was much slower than normal but I didn’t mind. It felt really good to be out in the fresh air with my heart pounding.

I’m so glad that I trained for the Maple Leaf Half Marathon before this especially since most of my training took place in the very HOT summer. I now know exactly when to take in fuel and liquid. I’m not sure I would be able to gauge that on how I feel running in the cold because I just don’t get as thirsty. I also realized that when I took my first GU pack it was almost frozen. About a mile before I knew I was going to take my second GU I got it out of my pocket and held it in my hand to keep it warm and get it more gel like.

I did get a little cold but not too bad. It was about 10 degrees when I left and the wind chill was at 0. I wore my running tights, my long-sleeved fleece lined shirt, my wind pants, a jacket, a hat, and mittens.

It wasn’t a fast run but it was a good run! So glad I got out there and did it! Going to attempt 12 miles next week!



Well, we have plans to go help my parents cut down a Christmas tree! Should be a fun adventure!

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