Hi there! Long time no blog! I had plenty of good intentions but just never got around to it! I did have some extra time on my hands but just didn’t feel like blogging!

Remember last weekend when I showed you pictures of our first Wisconsin snowfall? Well this weekend we had an honest to goodness BLIZZARD! It started snowing on Friday night and didn’t quit until early this morning! They are reporting that we got 14 inches of snow where I live. Locations north of here are STILL getting snow and are expecting between 18-20 inches. CRAZY! These pictures don’t even do it justice.


I got up early with Brian to start shoveling out.


It’s literally up to my knees and deeper where it has drifted!


After shoveling for an hour I went inside to make pancakes for Brian. We enjoyed them with some REAL maple syrup someone gave us as a gift.


The good thing about the blizzard is it pretty much canceled all plans for yesterday and we had to stay home which gave us a lot of extra time on our hands. We were suppose to help my parents cut down a Christmas tree but the weather was so bad and since Brian’s 4 wheel drive truck is in the shop there would have been no way to get to the tree farm. So, I got some cleaning done, did some work on our Christmas cards, AND cuddled on the couch with Brian and Izzy to watch two movies! It was actually a pretty nice day at home!

Sadly, I have to get to church today, and it looks like I’ll be walking since our alley has not been plowed and I can’t get my car out. I had plans for an 8 mile run today. I knew I would have to run it on the treadmill at the Y and even downloaded an audio book  in hopes that it would make the time go faster BUT I’m still not sure I’ll be able to get there. I might have to resort to running on the ancient treadmill in our basement….we’ll see.

To say we’ll be having a white Christmas is an understatement! Well, at least it is pretty! How’s the weather where you are?

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