Mid-Week Pop In!

Hi! What’s new in your world? Are you having a good week? Mine has been busy but good. Yesterday I swear I was go go go from 8am-10pm! Today is also kind of busy but some how I managed to pop in for a quick blog post.

So, remember how I said my “plan” for Weight Watchers was not to weigh in weekly? One of the reasons I don’t like weighing in at WW meetings is honestly I like weighing myself first thing in the morning in my birthday suit (sorry if this is too much information!). Obviously you can not do this at a meeting, well I guess you could but you would get arrested. I hate the mind games I use to play with myself making sure I ate “light” the day of meeting, making sure I wore the same clothes every week, or even wearing shorts in the winter and then changing, what a pain in the butt! I did not weigh in at the Monday meeting since a. I had just weighed in on Friday and b. I hadn’t really been following the program anyway. The leader at the meeting I attended encouraged me to weigh in each week to help me stay on track. I totally see her point but I want to weigh in on my own terms. Before going back to WW meetings I was weighing myself weekly at home on Wednesday mornings. Why Wednesday mornings I don’t know but that’s what I did. I even did it last week before I decided to go back to WW. Even though I have only been following the new program for 2 full days this morning I decided to weigh myself just see. Guess what? It was DOWN 2.2lbs from last week! Seriously?! I could not believe it. I really don’t feel like I’m doing anything that different except for being more aware of what I am eating.

I decided I will weigh in at meetings weekly to help me stay on track and who knows maybe I’ll get to my goal and not have to pay sooner than I think. But, I’m not going to put much weight (very punny!) into the number. I think I will continue to weigh myself on my terms on Wednesday mornings for better or worse (hoping for better!).

I promise you this blog will not turn into a diatribe of how many PointsPlus I’ve eaten or my weekly weigh ins. It’s just that I learning a lot more than I thought I would by rejoining WW. If you’ve read my blog before it is obvious that being active is not a problem for me. But it is also obvious, to me at least, that in order to lose weigh you need a healthy combination of activity and healthy eating. I thought I had a pretty good handle on healthy eating and I still think I do, but my indulgences were getting a little out of control and I wasn’t really finding balance. I think the new WW program will help me reign it in a little.  I need to get a handle on the food part of healthy eating because goodness knows I will not be able to keep up this activity level for my entire life. I am lucky that right now I have time and motivation to devote to physical exercise but life happens and I know if won’t always be so.

To my dear and friends and family out there who know me in real life and might be saying, “But Kristin, you don’t need to lose weight!” Thank you, but you haven’t seen my naked! Just kidding (sort of!). Honestly this time around is not so much about being skinny. I will not be trying to get down my previous all time lowest weight. I just want to get into a healthy BMI range. Much as I would love  to wear all those “skinny clothes” I have tucked away in my basement that’s not really what is important. Yes, I am active and healthy but I know that the extra weight (and it isn’t much) is impacting my active lifestyle. I’ve mentioned my injuries which I don’t seem to recall having when I was at a healthy weight and active. I know losing weight will also improve my performance and energy level so I can keep doing all my favorite activities. I also realize that I am a role model to the participants in my fitness classes. I think I need to set a healthier example for them, even though I think not having a “perfect” “skinny” physique can encourage people who might not be worried that they can’t workout because they aren’t “skinny” that they can do it too. Don’t worry I don’t plan on being “perfect” or “skinny.”

So there you have it! My thoughts in a nutshell. Don’t you worry I still plan on eating unique foods and blogging about it since WW does allow for indulgences, plus all the other silly things I do in my life.

Any thoughts? Anyone else there on WW? Let me know!

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