Bits and Pieces

Howdy friends! How was your Monday? Mine seemed to go way too fast! I had several appointments with a few little breaks in between to get my weekly cleaning done. It feels good to sit down and relax!

Not really sure what to blog about tonight so I’ll just give you a few bits and pieces of my life.

Today I ran for the first time since my 10 mile run last Sunday where afterward I knew there was something seriously wrong with my leg. I wore a knee sleeve last Thursday when I taught three classes and that seemed to help so I wore it while I ran. I just did 3 miles on the treadmill at the Y. Honestly it was kind of tough, especially since I forgot my head phones for my MP3 player! But I did it and felt great afterwards. I’ve modified my training plan for the next 5 weeks and I think I’ll be fine for the half marathon as long as I stay injury free.

I also went to my second Weight Watchers meeting this afternoon and officially started following the program (i.e. actually keeping track of what I eat). So far so good. I didn’t really feel like that I ate that differently. I still can’t believe I get to eat so many points and will still lose weight but I will trust the system. The meeting itself was a little “eh”. I thought my favorite leader led the meeting at noon but I was wrong it was actually the leader I had the very first time I joined way back when I was 14! Sadly, that leader was not there as she has had a reoccurrence of throat cancer. I thought the leader who subbed was okay. Some of the members were a little agitated about the new program. Mostly it seemed like they were upset about the fact that they can’t just guesstimate the points values of foods any more and that they technically need to buy new calculators to figure it all out. I guess they don’t see how the new system takes into account that not all calories are  created equal and that protein, and carbohydrates are important too. The leader handled all the questions and resistance to change well. I was motivated by the leader but not so much by the members. I did however race right over to the Co-Op and stock up on fruits and veggies.

Other than that the only other exciting part of my day was that when I went to get my hair cut at the Salon Academy my stylist suggested a deep conditioning treatment. I had never had one before and now my hair feels AMAZING! My hair cute plus the treatment was still $13 less than just a hair cut at a real salon and I was very happy with the results!

I’ll leave you with some photos. I was messing around with the settings on my camera at grad school this weekend. I think I took some pretty fun shots!

Have a great week!









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