Totally Terrific Tapas!

Good morning to you! I got home very late from Grad School last night and didn’t have time to post. Today will be another long one and I knew if I didn’t get a post written this morning I never would! So here I am! Look what we woke up to this morning:



The first snowfall of the winter! These were taken by me, still in my jammies and bath robe, propping the door open with my foot with the other foot still inside the house. I’m not going out there until I have to! It started snowing around 5pm last night and I think it is still coming down!

Before class last night I met up with a few of my classmates at a new restaurant in town Four Sisters Wine and Tapas. They are unique in that for dinner they only serve appetizers. They opened up in an old office building downtown that faces the river.



The inside was totally redone and super cool and trendy!


I got to sit on a super comfy little couch with fun pillows! I started with a lovely glass of Red Zin but I can’t remember the name!


My friend Sheri organized the whole event. She had dined here before and took the liberty of ordering our tapas. She also surprised us by picking up the bill! It was such a nice treat! Thank you Sheri! You are wonderful!


Check out the beautiful Rotary Lights behind Sheri. We had such an AWESOME view! I’ll let you read the full description of each tapa on their menu and just show you the amazing food we had!

Eagle’s Flight



Jaureen Ceviche


Midwest Platter



Riverside Chic Lo


Sheri also talked us into dessert, a cheesecake lollipop! This was a chunk of cheesecake dipped in chocolate served with a raspberry sauce! The perfect little bit of sweetness at the end of a great meal!


Look at all our empty glasses!


Honestly, nobody pays me for these reviews (they should đŸ˜‰ ) but this place was so AWESOME! Very cool atmosphere, great view of the river and the park, AMAZING food, excellent service, and I thought the prices were reasonable. I didn’t think I would get full from all those little bites but I sure did! This would be a super fun place for “girls night” or  “date night”. I definitely want to go back.

Well, I better shake a leg! I have to get to class and it looks like I’ll be scrapping a lot of snow and ice off my car. Oh winter!

Have a great day!


3 responses to “Totally Terrific Tapas!

  1. I had an amazing time with all of you! Thanks for joining me! The pictures are amazing… are very talented!

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