Hey there! I hope you are having a SUPER Friday! Mine has been very productive!

The good news is my leg feels ALMOST 100% normal this morning. I still took the day off from running but I hope it is finally healing. The bad news is we are suppose to get 3-6 inches of snow tonight and the temperatures for next week are REALLY cold. Should make for some interesting running!

So, I did it. I went back to Weight Watchers today to check out the new program. There were so many people there! I’ll say one thing, Weight Watchers really knows a thing or two about marketing. When I worked for Weight Watchers this time of the year was sooooooo slow. Meeting attendance was really down because of the holidays and then it picked up after the New Year. I won’t bore you with all the details of the new plan. Jess gave a wonderful summary on her blog this week.

Some things I’ve decided:

1. My “regular” meeting will be on Monday’s because there is a location closer to my house, it’s my day off, and I won’t have to sacrifice my morning exercise time to go to a meeting. (I went today because this was the first week of the new program and I wanted to hear all about it). I know this might set me up for a challenge as the weekend always seems to bring more eating opportunities but I think it will be a good challenge and also leads me to number 2.

2. I won’t weigh in every week. I believe as a Lifetime member I only have to weigh in at the first meeting I attend in a month. Since I just got weighed today and would go to a meeting a mere 3 days from now I don’t think it is wise to weigh in again after not being on the program for a full week. I also want to get away from the numbers game. I hate basing how well my week went on the number at the scale. I know from experience that the scale does not always reflect what you did or did not do. I also don’t want to always be caught up in the drama of weighing in. Like making sure I don’t eat salty foods the day before weighing in, wearing the same, light as possible clothing every week. It’s too crazy mental for me.

3. I won’t “officially” start the program until next Monday. For now I’m not going to think too hard about what I’m eating but keep track of PointsPlus I use just to see how they fit into the new program.

Some initial thoughts about the new program:

I GET 29 DAILY POINTSPLUS???!!!!!! This seems like a TON! On the “old” program I only got 22 and as I lost weight that number went down all the way to 18! As I mentioned I always felt like this was too little calories for me. I still kind of wonder how increasing this number will yield weight loss but I will trust the science behind it. I have also checked out the Activity PointsPlus and they are WAY higher than before. For example if I ran 60 minutes on the old program it was 8 Activity Points on the new program it’s 12 PointsPlus! I think this will really help with taking in the proper fuel  before during and after longer runs. At first I was a little concerned that some of the foods had a higher PointsPlus value than they use to but with the higher Daily PointsPlus number it seems to balance itself out. I am so glad that Weight Watchers got a facelift! I am pleased to see the move to more wholesome eating. Sadly though almond butter went from 1 Point per TBSP to 3 PointsPlus! Time to get my spoon out of the jar!

I’m headed out to dinner with my classmates to a new restaurant in town. I’ll be sure to blog about it! I’m also sure it won’t be very Weight Watcher friendly and to be honest I’m not going to try and make it that way!


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