Well hello there! Where’ve ya been?

Hey there blog readers! So sorry to be MIA lately. No real excuse except my life is busy but boring!

After my 6 mile run, the Turkey blast, teaching back to back classes, and my 10 mile run my bad leg was in pretty bad shape these last couple of days. I actually didn’t exercise for three whole days! I even found a sub for my Cycling class yesterday morning and turned down two opportunities to sub earlier in the week. It really bummed me out! I love to exercise, I love to teach my classes, and the extra cash flow doesn’t hurt either! I just knew my leg needed some rest. I definitely over did it during the holiday weekend. Today it felt better, but not 100%. I knew that since I am independently teaching Zumba at a dance studio  tonight there is really no “sub list” to contact so I would have to teach that. I figured I might as well teach Group Strength and Cycling at the Y and see how my leg does. Still not sure what is up with it. I honestly can’t tell is it’s my calf, my hamstring, my knee, or something totally unrelated! Today I wore one of Brian’s knee sleeves during my classes and it seemed to help. I also iced my knee this afternoon. We shall see. I think I will still continue to rest tomorrow and Sat. and maybe try a short run on Sunday. I will definitely have reconfigure my half marathon training plan.

In other news I have seriously been reconsidering joining Weight Watchers. You can read about my weight loss roller coaster journey here,  my thoughts about being fit and but not thin, as well as all the other times I’ve recommitted to losing weight while having this blog.

I quit Weight Watchers a little over a year ago. I had been wanting to quit but when they canceled my “regular” meeting that I attended with my mother-in-law it put the nail in the coffin. It was easy to say that no other time worked. In reality I was getting sick of the program and I didn’t feel it fit my needs. I felt that I did a “good job” following it and didn’t lose any weight. I kind of felt like I was wasting my money. I had been a member of WW for so long as well as being a leader that the meetings kind of bored me. People thought I was crazy for doing Triathlons, teaching Zumba and drinking green smoothies. So, why this change of heart? You may have heard that Weight Watchers is changing their program. Katy wrote a good post about her relationship with Weight Watchers recently so I looked into what people were saying about the new program. It seems they are taking a better approach to encouraging members to eat more whole foods. That is also  one thing that bothered me, the emphasis on “low point” fake food. They were working on getting rid of that mentality when I was last  a member but it wasn’t really catching on. The Core Plan and the “Filling Foods” options were more like  suggestions. It sounds like this new plan makes choosing  “real food” the obvious choice. It also sounds like they’ve increased the number of daily “points” you get. I always thought the points target was too low. I always ate my activity points or I would feel like I was starving! They also made fruits free as well as changing the formula for the points value of a food.

Do I need to lose weight? Technically, yes. I am not at a healthy weight according to BMI. Do I think BMI is accurate? No but I also think being at this weight and doing the amount of activity I do is hard on my body and could be why I’ve been having so many injuries. To be honest I’ve been half heartedly tracking what I eat using WW’s old Points system. It did help me lose some of the weight I gained over the summer but I haven’t been that consistent.

It is my hope that if I rejoin the new program plus my new attitude on fueling myself with healthy wholesome foods but allowing for some indulgences will be the perfect combination to getting to a healthy weight. I WILL NO try and get as low as I once was and I WILL NOT become obsessive. I will definitely keep you posted!

Off to teach Zumba! Have a good night!

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2 responses to “Well hello there! Where’ve ya been?

  1. All the recent buzz about the new WW program had me thinking about it too. I just know I can’t do WW without getting obsessive and crazy. I’m too much of a perfectionist and too rigid with counting. I think the changes are great, the thing that bothered me the most in the past was that processed 100 cal foods were so low in points and healthy stuff was so much more. Lots of friends are on the new plan, I’ll be interested to see what they think after a few months on it. Sorry your leg is bothering you, hope it gets better soon.

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