The spirit of Thanksgiving continues!

Well hello there! How’s your weekend going? Today turned out to be a lot busier than I anticipated. Busy but good! I got to spend more time with family and friends!

Yesterday when  I was hanging out at my in-law’s house playing with my nieces, Brian’s second cousin Kelly came up from the basement where she and “the boys” were butchering deer. When I saw her I instantly remembered that I had been invited to Erin’s (one of Brian’s other second cousins, Kelly’s first cousin. Got that?) baby shower that was taking place on Saturday! When I saw Kelly it reminded me that I was going to ask her if she was going to the shower too but up until that point I had totally forgotten about the shower. I didn’t even get a gift and I love shopping for baby gifts! (I gave her money which I’m sure she’ll appreciate!) I had to cut my time short with my nieces to go home and work on homework for grad school next weekend since I suddenly realized I would have no time on Saturday.

I taught for two hours this morning at the Y, got home and cleaned up and then immediately went over to pick my mother-in-law up for the shower. The shower was a lot of fun.  Erin’s mom hosted it at their new house which was really beautiful. I really like hanging out with the ladies on Brian’s side of the family and feel very flattered that they include me in these events. I haven’t been able to make the last two baby showers so I was glad I was available for this one. I just can’t believe that it slipped my mind! It was a nice shower with good food, only a few silly baby shower games, and of course cake and presents.

Here’s Kelly showing us how she won the game where you guess how big the baby belly is.


Kelly was all decked out in her Badger gear. They won today!

Here’s my youngest niece also trying to figure out if her string would fit around the baby belly.


Some of the ladies visiting.


Erin is such a cute pregnant lady with just a little belly. She said she has felt pretty good and everything seemed to be going well with the pregnancy. Her sister had a baby a few months ago. I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of him, what cutie!


After the shower I only had about an hour before I needed to head to church. I wanted to go to church tonight so I had time for my long run tomorrow. Immediately after church Brian and I headed over to my friend Marianne’s parent’s house for dinner. They served us a very unique cherry ale from the New Glarus Brewing Company.


The bottle describes it as a marriage of beer and wine. It was very delicious!


Brian’s said if you put whip cream on top it would taste like cherry pie! I agreed! We had a lovely dinner of steak (venison for us), mashed potatoes, corn, salad, green beans, and dinner rolls. The food was so delicious and the conversation so good I forgot to snap picture before I dug in. Opps! I guess I was pretty hungry!


We talked a lot about our plans for Disney World in January. Marianne’s husband John is running the half marathon with me. We  made plans to run 10 miles together tomorrow!

That being said, we left early so we could both get a good night’s sleep! I should probably wrap this up so I can do just that!

Tomorrow the Gardner’s are coming for brief visit as they head home from their holiday celebrations. We always have such a fun time with them! The spirit of Thanksgiving just keeps on going and I like it!


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