T’Was the night before Turkey Day!

Hey there! How are you this fine evening? I am sitting down for the first time since I got home from work! I’ve been busy preparing my contributions for tomorrow’s meal. I broke the cardinal rule and decided to prepare two brand new recipes to serve to others. I did a little taste test of one of the dishes and it was pretty tasty! So, I’m not too worried.

I sure am glad we don’t have to travel far for the holiday. The weather is terrible! It is cold and raining with the possibly of sleet, snow, and ice! I decided to do some last minute Christmas shopping downtown. I intended on finding a central parking spot and walking but since the weather was so terrible and due to the holiday there were lots of parking spots. I was able to drive from store to store but I was still wet and chilled to the bone. When I got home I popped my contacts out and promptly changed into these stylish gems!


Nothing like a pair of baggy sweats! I also poured myself a glass of wine


and got started straight away on preparing dinner and my dishes for tomorrow. First I drained my wheat berries which had been soaking all day.





The wheat berries went into a pot of water, were brought to a boil and simmered for 1 hour. While those cooked I prepared chicken for dinner. Sorry no pictures. I tend to put the camera away when raw meat comes out. I just don’t want to risk spreading those raw juices.

While the wheat berries continued to simmer and the chicken baked in the oven I started peeling and slicing my sweet potatoes and russet potatoes for Sweet Potatoes Gratin. I was very thankful for my mandolin tonight!

100_1984 I layered the potatoes and poured a mixture of half and half, and spices over then and threw them in the oven just as the chicken was ready to come out.


The wheat berries still had some time left so I ate dinner then it was back to the kitchen to finish up. All I had left was to add some dried fruit, scallions, and seasoning to the wheat berries. It turned out beautifully!


I took a little taste to make sure the seasonings were right. It was very good! Very unique! I’ve never made anything with wheat berries in it. They are so delicious and have a really fun texture. I might have to find more recipes  that feature this unique grain.

I had one more special dish to get ready, cranberry fluff, just for my brother!Super simple to make. Start with cranberries thrown into the food processor.


Process until fine. Then add one can of crushed pineapple in its own juice, and one package of vanilla instant pudding.

100_1991 You have to let sit over night to let the flavor combine. Tomorrow I’ll fold in some whipped topping. So easy! I also will have to had a finishing bread crumb topping to the potatoes and reheat and that will be it! Sorry I can’t share the exact recipes as they were from the November issue of Health magazine. I tried to find them online but now luck!

I really admire how some of the “pro-bloggers” photographer the cooking adventures. I have a hard time remembering to take pictures. Not to mention I am a super messy cook! When I finished not only were their a TON of dishes to wash but I had to wipe down every nook and cranny plus sweep the floor! Our kitchen always looks like a tornado has come through when I’ve been cooking!

I would like to run in the morning but considering the weather I’m not sure if it will be possible. Also, I thought that my leg was getting better, I even had a great 4 mile run yesterday.  But after teaching Zumba last night and cycling this morning it really hurts. I went to yoga at noon to see if I could pin point what was wrong by stretching and seeing if I felt any strain but I didn’t. It just hurts when I walk. I’m teaching part of the Turkey blast on Friday, and possibly cycling. I also have to teach on Saturday and would really like to get my long run in on Sunday. I guess if I really can’t run tomorrow I won’t.

I am just super excited to have some down time, hanging out with the family, and eating some good food!

Well, we DVRed the new Alice in Wonderland and I haven’t seen it yet! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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