Popping in on a Saturday Night!

Hey there! How was you day? Good I hope!

I’m just popping in to say “hi” after an AMAZING day at Grad School. I know I’ve mentioned before how much I love the Servant Leadership program but today’s class was truly inspiring. Sometimes I think I should write a Servant Leadership blog but I just don’t know if I could put into words everything I experience during my eight hours of class. If you ever want to know more about my program feel free to email me at girlwiththepinksneakers@gmail.com I’d love to chat about it! Two weeks from now some of my classmates and I are meeting at a new restaurant called Four Sisters Wine and Tapas Lounge before class. It sounds super fun and I’ll be sure to post about it!

I woke up this morning and did an AWESOME morning flow yoga from YogaDownloads.com. I was even able to get into the wheel pose a few times. It felt so good even though I wasn’t able to hold it for very long.


After yoga I powered up for my day with a pumpkin pie green smoothie, toast with pumpkin butter, and green tea.


The 10 mile run I had planned for tomorrow might not happen. I am totally prepared mentally to go that distance and even prepared to run in the rain as that is what is predicted. But something isn’t right with my right leg. I feel like I did something to my hamstring. It just feel tight and I feel pain when I go from sitting to standing and even when I walk. I don’t think I did anything serious but something just isn’t right. If I do skip my 10 miler I think I will repeat this week in my training plan since I also missed a 5 mile tempo run due to my back injury flaring up last week. I’m not to worried about it. This particular training plan has you running 13 miles and I really don’t think that is necessary so that week will probably get skipped. Part of training smart is knowing when not to train due to injury or over exertion.

My big plans for the night include: drinking wine and doing my nails (perhaps not the best combination?). You might have noticed from yesterday’s post that I have some serious claws going on. I love my long nails but they are kind of getting in the way. It’s actually hard to type and text! Perhaps a little trim, shaping, and a new coat of paint is in order! Have a great night!

P.S. Brian just called to tell me he got a deer but another buddy of his got two and only wants some of the meat so Brian has to drive out and get those too. Looks like our meat supply will be fine for the winter!


5 responses to “Popping in on a Saturday Night!

  1. Mmmmm your breakfast and yoga sound divine. 🙂 I love green smoothies 🙂

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