A Very Fine Nine!

Hey there! Happy Monday to you!

Sorry, to leave you hanging there for a while. I had a Confirmation retreat all day Saturday so Friday was spent getting ready for that, Saturday was the retreat, and immediately upon returning home from the retreat Brian and I left to meet some old Steamboat friends downtown. It was a blast but I was so exhausted by the end of the night!

Sunday was spent relaxing and getting in a nice long 9 mile run! To be honest I wasn’t really looking forward to this run. My last 9 mile run was on one of the hottest days this summer and it was AWFUL! Yesterday it was actually quite cold with a slight chance of rain or SNOW! When I finally got out to run it was 39 degrees with a windchill of 30 degrees. I wore my running tights, long-sleeved, fleece lined shirt, a vest, hat, and gloves. It was a little chilly out but once I got moving I didn’t really notice it unless the wind blew. I took a different route heading down a trail near our house. I pretty much stayed on the trail until my Garmin said 4.5miles and then turned around. A nice out and back run. I took it pretty slow and finished in 1:33 minutes with and average mile of 10:06. There were also some hills in there. I felt really good while running. A couple of times I even thought to myself, “I am really begining to enjoy these long runs.” and “I am so glad I am out here running!”

Unfortunately, after I got home, stretched out, and showered my back seized up on me. This is an old injury that flares up from time to time and is SO PAINFUL. It’s the worse when I go from sitting to standing. I wrote about a similar injury here during my triathlon training. I’m not really sure what causes it to flare up but it is so annoying! Other than my back I feel GREAT! My legs don’t feel tired at all! My plan for today was to hit the pool to work the kinks out and then sit in the hot tub. But my boss at the Y called and said they needed and emergency sub for cycling at 12:15pm. I told her I was injured but I would be there swimming and if she couldn’t find anyone I would do it, even if I just stood there and directed the class rather than ride. I ended up teaching and my back actually didn’t hurt while I was teaching. Now, that I’ve been sitting at the computer doing homework for a while it’s starting to hurt again. I don’t think I’ll be running tomorrow. Maybe, more swimming or some yoga. I still have to teach Wednesday and Thursday so I must heal soon!

That’s all I have for now. Tomorrow Brian and I are going to try to get our Christmas shopping done! Have a good day!


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