Let’s Break It Down Part 1

Hey friends! How’s your day been? Mine has been good bust exhausting!

I lead a pretty interesting/different life, at least I like to think so. Every day is a little bit different. I thought I’d give you a break down of a couple of my days so you can see how varied my week can be! I thought I’d start with Triple Threat Thursday (today!)

7:00am: Wake up! This was actually sleeping in for me, it felt so good! Feed the dog, make myself breakfast and eat while catching up on TiVo.

7:45am: Wash up dishes from last night and breakfast. Sweep floor, get dressed/ready for my first class.

8:35am: Walk dog

9:15am-10:15am Teach Group Strength

10:15am: Run errands (took stuff to Goodwill). Come home dust, vacuum,

11:15am: Eat snack while reading blogs

12:15am-1:00pm: Teach cycling

1:15-2:00pm: make/eat lunch (while reading blogs)

2:00pm-3:15pm read for school

3:15-3:45 Pay bills, prepare for Zumba class, read a few more blogs.

3:45pm-4:20pm: Feed/walk dog

4:30pm Leave to teach Zumba

5:00pm-5:55pm Zumba

6:15pm Shower my stinky self!

6:30pm start preparing dinner/blog

Plans for the rest of the night: Watch last night’s Survivor, roll on my foam roller, watch The Office, drink wine šŸ™‚ go to bed early!

So that was my day! I never really feel tired while teaching my classes but as soon as the last one is over I am exhausted! Ready for nice night in!

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