Into the Black Hole

Hello! I hope your are having a wonderful Tuesday. It is GORGEOUS here! Almost 70 degrees! Very rare for Wisconsin in November, but I hear the colder weather is on it’s way!

I am having a great day! I was going to run 4 miles on the treadmill but then I remembered it gets lighter out earlier! I snuggled under the covers for another half hour before getting up for an awesome morning run!

Yesterday I mentioned that I got sucked into a major cleaning/organizing project.  Remember last spring when I tackled two closets in our house? I managed to successfully organize my bedroom closet and the two cabinets  in our back porch. Yesterday I tackled the closet in our guest room/office otherwise known as the black hole where everything gets shoved when I clean. It was a DISASTER!


You literally could not hang another piece of clothing on that rack. Every time I tried to open the door stuff would come flying out at me!


Not to mention the room itself wasn’t looking too good. Probably because I didn’t want to attempt to put anything back in the closet.


I use to teach at a Catholic school and had to dress up a lot so many of the clothes in this closet were nice more dressier clothes. There were also some bridesmaid dresses and prom dresses. There were many items of clothing I KNEW were too small and those immediately went in the give away pile. There were also some clothes that I just knew I wouldn’t wear again. There were some items that I really loved but knew they didn’t fit, those were harder to part with. I tried on a lot of the formal gowns just for fun and was surprised when my junior prom dress almost fit and my senior prom dress fit perfectly. Here I am in the senior prom dress (can you tell I was really into the movie Titanic?)


Here are some progress pictures. I honestly never though I’d finish!



When all was said and done I ended up with 1 1/2 bags of nice dressy clothes to be donated to a woman’s shelter, 1 bag of shoes and purses to be donated to Goodwill, one bag of Brian’s clothes, 1 bag of trash, two bags of old magazines to be taken to church as well as a few odds and ends I thought would be useful at church.


I can not believe how much STUFF was in that closet! One of the most annoying things was this GIANT gift bag filled with other gift bags, wrapping paper, and tissue. You could never really tell what was in it and when ever you got something out of it paper and bags would come flying out of it. I found some nice plastic containers that fit under the bed to house these items. So much easier! Makes me wonder why I waited four years to do this! Here are the after shots!


My knitting box still needs a little work, and I will be using that monitor once I get a cord.


All ready for some guests!


I think cleaning out an area in your house is a lot like cleaning up and area of your health. It’s a lot of work to clean up and get rid of some of the crap you’ve been hanging onto but it sure feels good once you’ve done it!

I’m teaching Zumba tonight and so excited to shake it! Hope you have a good night too!


4 responses to “Into the Black Hole

  1. So jealous! My guest room closet is a disaster. Rolls of wrapping paper and ribbon actually fall out every time I open the door….then I shove them back in, totally ruining the rolls…yep, too lazy to sort through the stuff. For me it’s boxes and boxes of photos and home decorations, there aren’t any clothes in the closet. Ugh! You’ve inspired me, I have tomorrow off and I might just attempt a big clean out.

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