Super 8!

Hi there! I hope you are having a good weekend! Mine has been pretty swell!

Yesterday I was in class all day and then immediately came home got into comfy clothes and lounged around.

Due to the time change I was up bright and early and decided to get my 8 mile run in before church. If you’d like to read about my previous 8 mile runs you can find them here

An O.K. 8


Awesome 8!

It’s hard to believe that I’m only on week 3 of my training and already running 8 miles.  My previous training plan didn’t have me running 8 miles until week 6. Also on the previous training plan an 8 mile run was done 3 times. I really learned to love 8 miles. It was challenging distance but without wiping you out. On my current plan a 10 mile run is completed 3 times, maybe this will be my new favorite distance….maybe.

Today’s run was very good. It was not cold out but cool enough to feel comfortable. The streets were very quiet and I really enjoyed the whole run. I finished in 1:16:48 with and average mile of 9:35. My long runs sure have been getting faster lately. A friend of mine at church (Hi Jess!) asked if I had a time goal in mind for the Disney Half Marathon. I was actually just thinking about this today. Considering my times are getting faster I guess I would like to beat my previous half marathon time but there are so many different factors that are going to affect race day.

1. Weather. I’ll be training in cold weather and Florida will be warm possibly even hot and humid or it could be rainy and cold like it was last year.

2. Travel. I have a much longer journey to get to this race and I don’t know how my body will react after flying, time change, sleeping (or lack there of) in a different bed. I actually have never run a race in a different town then my own.

3. I’ll be in Disney World! I want to fully enjoy the fact that I am racing in one of the most magical places on earth that holds a lot of memories for me. I don’t want to be too serious about the race aspect of this experience. I want to enjoy myself!

So, I guess I’m not too worried about setting any goals for this race, there will be other races.

I am really glad that I did the Maple Leaf Half Marathon before this one though. At first I thought it was a bad idea to do two half marathons 6 months a part but I think it was a VERY good idea. I learned a lot through my training. I am also so glad that I blogged about it. It has been really fun to go back and read about my training. This go around has been so much better! No more blisters thank to 2Toms! And the change in weather has also been wonderful (just wait until the snow flies!).I also don’t have to guess about when and what type of fuel I should take in. I really feel like I am becoming a stronger more confident runner. 8 miles doesn’t even phase me any more. I truly believe that there will be a full marathon in my future (distant future that is!).

Well, my plans for the rest of the day include: laundry, walking the dog, and going to yoga using my NEW mat carried in my FINNALY completed yoga bag. It turned out pretty great, at least I think so!


After yoga Brian and I are going out to eat at one of our most favorite restaurants to celebrate Brian’s birthday! Look forward to a full recap tomorrow!

Have a great rest to your weekend!


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