Lovely Lunch

Hello! It’s Friday! Yay! I hope you are having a good one. I know I am! Things are pretty quiet around the office and I don’t have a lot to prepare for so in my mind it’s the perfect Friday!

After yesterday’s marathon of workouts I’m actually feeling pretty good today. The only part of me that is really sore are my abs, they actually hurt when I touch them! I’m not saying it was easy to get out of my warm bed at 5:30am but I did and got a nice 4 mile tempo run in on the treadmill at the Y. I am glad though that tomorrow is day off from exercise. I just won’t have time or energy before or after my 8 hour grad school class.

I started my day off with coffee from a new Irish coffee that opened up about 3 buildings down from my office! This could be dangerous! I usually don’t buy my morning beverage but I wanted to check it out. It’s very cute and has a little Irish flair to it. They also serve light lunches so I might be checking that out later. I would have taken pictures but I was kind of in a hurry to get to work.

At lunch my friend Carolyn took me out as a thank you for taking care of her cats last weekend. We went to the Three Rivers Lodge which is located in the Radisson Hotel. We had been there once before and both agreed that the food is delicious, the atmosphere delightful, and the price very reasonable. I ordered the same thing I did last time because I really loved it and thought it was pretty unique. I got the Door County Orchard Wrap which the menu describes as,

smoked chicken, celery, crasins, red onion, walnuts, grapes, field greens, whole wheat wrap “ 



100_1834 For my side I got the wheat berry salad. I’m not really sure what is in it except obviously wheat berries, corn, and black beans but it’s very good and how often do you see wheat berries on a menu?


Last time I ordered this I could only eat half the wrap but today I polished it off not problem! I was super hungry! Carolyn got the Parmesan Chicken Wrap with fries.


We were seated at a table with a lovely view (minus the cars) of the mighty Mississippi!


It was a lovely lunch with lovely company!

Well, I have grad school tonight. I believe Brian is off hunting. I have chili simmering in the crock pot for when I get home, perfect for one of the first chilly days of fall, it’s only 42 degrees! Well, at least it’s sunny out! Have a good weekend everyone!


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