A Heavenly Seven

Happy Halloween! Have you had many trick or treaters yet? We haven’t hat too many and I’ve only snitched one piece of candy.

Today I had a 7 mile run planned according my training plan. You can read about my previous 7 mile run here.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to go today after all the activity I’ve been doing lately. My plan was to go to church, come home eat a quick snack, get the laundry started while the snack digested, then head out and be back at little after noon. It was sunny out, cool about 38 degrees so I wore my running tights and a new long sleeve wicking shirt I got a TJ Max last week. I honestly thought this was going to be a tough run. My legs felt okay but they were definitely tired. I expected them to feel heavy and mentally prepared to suffer through a challenging 7 miles.

It took me a few miles to warm up and loosen up my legs but after that I felt AWESOME! I was just cruising along. I kept checking my Garmin after each mile and I was always under a 10:00 min mile! I felt so good and so strong! I ended up doing 7 miles in 1 hour and 6 minutes at a 9:32 mile average.



I guess being kind to my body yesterday really helped. I also attribute my improved running to more regular strength training and the fact that it is no longer 80+ degrees out with 100% humidity. It was a brutal summer to run in. I am enjoying the cool fall weather but I’m curious to see how this training will go once winter is fully upon us. It should be an interesting journey. I hope you stay tuned! Honestly, I love doing endurance races but I think I enjoy the actual training more than the race. I just learn so much about my body and how it responds to different conditions.

Now, I’m chilling on the couch, finishing up the laundry, and answering the door to hand out candy. Tomorrow will be a well deserved day off from exercise. I plan on doing my weekly cleaning, taking the doggie to the groomer, and then meeting my mom to help pick out some window treatments.

Hope you are finishing up the weekend in style and are getting ready for another week!

p.s. There was a professional photographer at the Zumbathon, hopefully I can post a link to the pictures soon!


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