Be Kind

Hey there! How was your Saturday? Mine just seemed to fly by!

Last night’s Zumbathon was SUPER fun! There were a TON of instructors so it was really fun to do different songs and new choreography. I led two songs, it’s always fun to get up on stage in front of an enthusiastic crowd. My mom took some pictures with our new point and shoot but they turned out kind of blurry. I guess I didn’t have it set on the “action” setting. These are some of the “better” photos of me plus some of the crowd once I figured out what setting to put the camera on.






It was a “Party in Pink” Zumbathon and all the money raised went to the Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation (hence all the pink). What a great night for a fun cause.

After two hours of dancing I pretty much went home and crashed. I had to be up early to teach Group Strength and Zumba at the Y. Not gonna lie, I was pretty sore after all that dancing! I managed to summon the energy and strength to teach both my classes. While walking to the car I realized that over the last three days I’ve been pretty hard on my body. Thursday I taught for two hours, Zumba for two hours yesterday, and then taught again today for two hours. Plus I am suppose to do a 7 mile training run tomorrow. I knew I needed to be kind to my body and do some serious recovery in order to feel my best. I started with a glass of my favorite recovery drink.


Chocolate milk provides the right mix of carbohydrates and protein to aid in recovery. Then I decided to take a nice soak in an epsom salt bath.


This was so nice and relaxing. Much better than an ice bath! This might be my new go to after long runs. I also plan on spending some time on my foam roller.


I bought this from Ashley’s OpenSky store right before my other half marathon and try and use it every day following the exercises on this video. Sometimes it really hurts but it’s a “good hurt” and I think it helps.

I spent the rest of my day doing relaxing but fun things. I met my parents at Viterbo University (also where I attend grad school) for their college show choir, Platinum Edition’s, Spooktacular Halloween show. It was a fabulous way to celebrate Halloween. They did great songs like, Time Warp, Thriller, Monster Mash, songs from Phantom of the Opera, Wicked and so much more. The dancing was amazing and their were so many costumes! Afterwards my parents and I went out for dinner at a local Chinese restaurant. I brought my camera but I guess I was so hungry I forgot to take pictures!

By 6:30pm I was home, in my jammy pant, contacts out, sipping  a glass of red wine! I’m planning on an early bed time to continue with my recovery!

Hope you had a good Saturday and are being kind to your body too!


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