Please try and stay a wake

Wow! Long time no blog! Honestly I was going to yesterday but I felt like I had nothing to say. Life’s not really boring but it isn’t too exciting either. I’ll try and give you a brief recap, I hope you aren’t  too bored and fall asleep. I also don’t have any pictures to share. Can you believe I haven’t taken a single one since Monday! Yikes!

On Tuesday I worked during the day and then taught Zumba wearing my new shoes! They definitely felt like they had more support than my old ones but they didn’t pivot as well. To be honest the old shoes were actually slippery on the fitness studio floor so maybe this is how shoes are suppose to feel. Then I hosted a Halloween party on campus as part of my church job. It was a long day but pretty fun. The weather was SUPER windy, rainy, and dark all day. Very fall like heading into winter!

On Wednesday the weather was similar to Tuesday and I even broke out my winter jacket. Wednesday was also a long one. I was up before 5:30am to teach cycling and then worked at the church until after 7:00pm

Yesterday was my day off from the church but I taught two classes at the Y. I also made Gina’s Sweet Potato and Black Bean chili only I used kidney beans because it was all we had. I threw it in the crockpot early in the morning, set it on high and it was perfectly done when I came home STARVING from teaching my second class. You can find the recipe (and other great ones) on my Favorite Blogger Recipes page. I also went shopping in the afternoon. Target had Gaiam yoga mats on sale for $16. Since my cheapo Walmart one is over a year old (and not holding up very well) I thought this was a good buy but I made myself promise not to use it until I finish knitting the yoga bad I started over six months ago! I found some great fitting and reasonably priced pants at Target and some exercise clothes at TJ Max.  I also bought our tickets to Florida for the half marathon in January! So excited! But also a little nervous about traveling in the winter.

I skipped my morning run this morning because I was feeling pretty sore from yesterday and because tonight I’m going to a 2 hour Zumbathon! I am super pumped for this event. I am leading two songs. There are going to be a ton of other instructors there and all the proceeds from the event go for breast cancer research. I hope to get some fun pictures! Lots of other stuff on tap for the weekend but hopefully I can share those in a more exciting post!

So, are you still awake? I hope so! Thanks for reading and have a SUPER weekend!


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