More Fitness Fueling!

Hey there! Happy Friday! I was SUPER busy at work today so I am glad to be home relaxing for a little while before I head off to grad school.

Yesterday I started sharing with you all the eats of my very fitness day. I left off before I headed out to teach Zumba after I had already taught Group Strength and Cycling. I grabbed a little snack about an hour before Zumba. The class was from 5pm-6pm and I knew I would be starved if I didn’t eat something.


This would be an Arnold’s Sandwich Thin with natural peanut butter and a few chocolate chips. I’d estimate this snack at about 200-250 calories.

The Zumba class I taught was AWESOME! I actually taught it for FREE because I am hoping to start a class at a near by dance studio. The ladies really got into it and we had so much fun. Plus I think a few are interested in signing up for a 6 week class! I believe Zumba burns between 400 and 700 calories. I know I was sweating like a dog when I was done and was very hungry.

When I got home Brian wasn’t home yet so I knew it would be awhile before we ate. I made a “mocktail.”


This is a carbonated water, with a little bit of cranberry juice and a slice of lemon. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t dehydrated. I also had a nice leafy salad.


There was romaine lettuce, golden tomatoes, red peppers, carrots, pumpkin seeds, and cheese in my salad with a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Our dinner for the night was homemade pizza. It took a while to get the dough spread out and when we did it was a very odd shape. On my half I had turkey pepperoni, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, and red peppers plus lots of cheese (Brian was in charge of making this pizza). It was so good, especially since I was so hungry!


We were being lazy and used paper plates. I also treated myself to a glass of red wine!


This meal came in at about 700 calories. Pretty high but it filled me up and left me satisfied. I normally don’t keep count of calories but I do try to look at what type of activity I’m doing and base what and when I eat on that. I hope you enjoyed seeing how I fuel myself!

I’ll admit I was pretty exhausted after teaching three classes yesterday but I was up early this morning for a 4 mile tempo run on the treadmill! Tomorrow I’ll be sitting all day at grad school but come back for a very special announcement!

Have a good weekend!   


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