Would you like to be on my blog?

Hey there! Happy Sunday to you! I hope you are wrapping up the weekend in a fun way! I just got back from a 4 mile run in the beautiful fall sunshine and I’m planning on hitting up yoga with my favorite instructor in a little bit.

The good times with my friend Marianne continued. I met up with her, her husband John, her dad Bruce, and her mom Carolyn for dinner at Boot Hill Pub  to celebrate John’s birthday. Brian wasn’t done hunting when we met up 😦 .

At lunch, Marianne and my mom pointed out that I don’t have enough pictures of people. My reasoning behind this was I just don’t know if people want to be on the Internet. My mom said, “All you have to do is ask!” So, I asked Bruce if he wanted to be on my blog. I believe his response was, “What’s a blog?” So John whipped out his phone and showed him my blog. I love seeing my blog on people’s phones!


Bruce said he would love to be on my blog! Picture taking ensued!


There’s Bruce with his lovely salad from the salad bar and a Miller Light!

Boot Hill Pub is a pretty interesting restaurant which is located in the former La Crosse Rubber Mills. They serve typical bar food but also had a nice dinner menu with some pretty decent prices. I started with a delicious glass of red wine.


For dinner I had The Orchard Chicken Wrap which was

“A mix of sweet and savory. A Summer Treat! Fresh juice apple chunks & grapes mixed with tender chunks of chicken breast, tossed In a sweet yogurt/sour cream/pecan dressing. Wrapped in a soft garlic herb tortilla.”

With sweet potato fries, of course!


The wrap was VERY good, but the fries were a little soggy so I didn’t eat too many of those.

John, Marianne, and Carolyn all got the fish and broasted chicken dinner special.


Bruce got the prime rib.


After dinner we headed back to Bruce and Carolyn’s house for ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.


Mmmmmmmmm! Ice Cream cake, my favorite!


Then John opened his birthday present!


I think John liked knowing he was going to be on my blog! Coincidently John will be running the Disney Half Marathon with me in January!

After gifts we drank some wine and sat around a camp fire. It was the perfect end to a perfect day! It’s so good to spend time with friends!

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some fun new recipes to share with you! Hope you have a good start to your week!   


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