Mother Daughter Lunch

Hey there! How’s your Saturday going? I am having a great one so far! I am feeling much better today. Not 100% better but I’d say 93% better! I even managed to teach my two classes at the Y with out too much trouble!

After teaching my classes I met up with my very very good friend Marianne and her mom for lunch. My mom joined us too! We went to a great Chinese restaurant downtown called Hunan. You know, I might not live in a big city but we sure have a lot of awesome restaurants to choose from. I love Hunan and usually go there with Marianne and/or her mom Carolyn. I always order the same thing too, Ta Chin Chicken with Wonton Soup.


I was SUPER hungry after teaching back to back classes so I was pretty excited about this soup!


Yummmmm! The Ta Chin Chicken was very spicy today. I ate everything except for the fried chicken legs. I was so hungry!

Me and my momma!


Marianne and Carolyn.


Now I’m just chilling at home but have plans to meet up with Marianne later to celebrate her husband, John’s birthday. Not sure if Brian will join us, he’s off duck hunting today.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!


2 responses to “Mother Daughter Lunch

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  2. Ta chin chicken rules! Hunans rules!

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