Say Hello to My Little Friend

Hey there! Happy Wednesday to ya! It seems our fall weather has returned and we are now back to our “normal” temperature in the 60’s. I guess a year ago it was snowing but I don’t really remember that!

Check out the new addition to our “camera family.”


It’s so tiny compared to our big camera! It fits in the palm of my hand!


Brian said he wanted a small, less expensive, easy to use camera to bring with him hunting and fishing so he can take pictures of his “trophies.” Secretly I was THRILLED because I feel a little camera will be easier to hall around wherever we go so I can take MORE pictures for the blog. Shhhhh! Don’t tell Brian this camera is really for me! I didn’t think we could find a decent point and shoot for a good price but this little baby (The Kodak C14) was on sale for $65 and has 12 Mega Pixels! It doesn’t have much for zoom but Brian didn’t think that would matter. It has almost all the other scene options as our big camera and does a pretty decent job.  We went with green since it’s Brian’s favorite color, I would have preferred purple or pink but I want him to think of it as “his” camera.

This morning I taught Cycling and there was a group of big, burly, university football players in my class. When we got done with class one of them said, “Thanks! That was the hardest class I’ve taken yet!” I felt pretty proud (and sweaty!).

Other than that not much is new in my world. I’m feel a bit under the weather. I’ve had a sore throat for two days and have some type of congestion going not. But it’s not keeping down yet!

Tomorrow is my day off from the church but I might not bring my laptop home because they need it here for something so perhaps no post from me. I can’t wait to get my own laptop!

Hope you have a good rest of your week!

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