Hey there! How was your Monday?! Hopefully it wasn’t too painful! Just think, now we are one day closer to the weekend!

Last night I looked at my calendar and saw that I had ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING I HAD to do today! Wow! I even got some major cleaning and the laundry out of the way yesterday. I was so excited.

Before going to bed I decided I would get up and go for a long run. The last time I ran was last Tuesday and I was really feeling RUNGRY (hungry for running, you can thank Heather for the invention of that word). I could just picture myself running through the streets with the beautiful fall colors as my back drop. I wanted to feel the power in my breath and my heart and feel the sweat running down my face. My ankle which had been bothering me for almost a week felt great. I decided to take my favorite route which I knew was about 5.5miles. It was a perfect, cool fall morning and I had an AWESOME run. I really feel like I’ve turned a point in my running where I actually like to run and I crave doing it. I love the rhythmic feel of my legs hitting the side walk as I keep a steady pace and then the burning in my lungs as I push it the last quarter mile and finally the rush after I’ve slowed down to a walk. I can’t wait to start my next training plan for the Disney half!

After my run I showered and ate a quick breakfast. Then I was off to visit my good friend Nicole who had a baby about 3 weeks ago. It was good to catch up and to hold the baby! Then I headed over to my parents for lunch and to check out some new decorating they did to their house as well as their almost finished gazebo in the woods. I’ll be sure to take pictures next time I visit.

On Saturday I ordered these shoes for Zumba so I was pretty excited when I saw this sitting on my front door step.


I ordered these on Saturday. Zappos has FREE shipping AND they upgraded me to FREE two day shipping! I eagerly opened the box.




Hmmmmm….. I thought I ordered Nike shoes.


Those don’t look like dance shoes! Opps! They sent me the wrong ones. Fortunately Zappos has EXCELLENT customer service and it was super easy to print off a FREE return label and I should have my new shoes in no time!

Brian came home early to go to a dentist appointment and when he got done with that we decided to hike the bluffs and check out the fall colors. Just in case you don’t know what a “bluff” it is a very high hill but not as high as a mountain. We live in what is called the Driftless Area. During the ice age the glaciers did not come through this area leaving these beautiful bluffs. We have tons of great hiking trails but rarely take advantage of them. We headed to the trail head and decided the route with the best views would be TNT trail.


It was a VERY steep trail. The trail was also washed out and had a lot of loose rocks and dirt. I’m not the most graceful person so I took my time, plus my legs were a little tired from my run.


It was pretty tough but the view from the top was totally worth it.





I think Izzy thought she was a mountain goat. Not sure what Brian is doing in this picture.


I had to be extra careful walking down hill so I didn’t slip. When we got home Brian made dinner. Even though it looks like Fall out it feels like summer. It was 80 degrees again! Do know what sounds good when it’s this hot? Ice cream of course! We decided to bike over to our favorite ice cream shop Ranisons. Just like last time I got pumpkin and cinnamon.

Wow! A run, a hike, and a bike ride. I’m pooped! Going to hang out and watch some TV for the rest of the night. Hope you had a good day! 


2 responses to “Rungry

  1. Ahh, your blog always makes me miss LaCrosse so very much. I don’t think there is a more beautiful place with as wonderful people anywhere in the world. I still dream we will end up there some day! What a wonderful day you had!

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