Fun Fall Weekend

Hey there! Happy Saturday afternoon to you! I hope you are enjoying your day! My morning was pretty busy but now I’m chilling on the couch. The calendar may say fall but it feels more like summer, it’s 81 degrees out!

Last night we met my mom and dad at the Train Station BBQ for dinner before heading to see my brother and his girlfriend in Sweeney Todd at The Muse Theater. The Train Station BBQ is a super cool restaurant that is actually located in the old train depot. Since travel by train has declined a portion of the depot has been turned into a restaurant but the rest of the building still functions as the depot. Since it was so warm out the doors were open and we could hear and see the trains as they went by.





The Train Station BBQ serves good old fashioned southern BBQ.


I had the Mexican Pig which from the menu was described as a:

” Flavored Wrap stuffed with Pulled Pork, cheese, slaw,
and our homemade sauce, with 2 sides and a sundae.”

For my sides I choose sweet potato casserole and a side salad.



100_1613 We had only eaten at The Train Station BBQ one other time. I enjoyed the food but I wasn’t sure it was worth the price. They must had gotten a new chef because last night’s meal did not disappoint and was much better than I remembered. I could only finish half of that delightful sandwich. The sweet potato casserole was more like eating dessert! So good! For some reason my meal came with a sundae ( no one else’s did). Even though I didn’t finish all my dinner the waitress still brought me my sundae. Mom helped me finish it off!


I wrote about and took pictures of the Muse Theater the last time my brother was in a show. I just couldn’t resist taking a few pictures in the bathroom. It was just so pretty! Plus they had pumpkin spiced hand lotion!



The show was EXCELLENT! I would highly recommend seeing it. My brother and his girlfriend were in the ensemble and they were super cute!

We got in pretty late and I was up an at’ em early to teach Group Strength and Zumba at the YMCA. Then I rushed home, showered and Brian and I headed out to a local chili cook–off.  There were probably about 30 different groups competing in the cook-off. We paid $5 each and got to try as much as we wanted.


There was some very creative types of chili such as Hawaii Five-O chili which tasted like pineapple and pizza chili which tasted  like, well, pizza! It probably would have been more enjoyable if it wasn’t 80 degrees out! We got very hot from eating hot chili and standing in the sun. We also realized we would have been better off sharing a sample of each type of chili then we wouldn’t have gotten so full so fast! Over all it was a fun adventure. It’s so amazing how something as basic as chili can be made to taste so many different ways! Both Brian and I agreed that our favorite chili was  Dahl Ford’s Centennial Chili. There was just something about it, it seemed richer and the spices were spot on. We also voted them first for presentation. They were dressed in old fashioned costumes and had some cool old model T’s. Very fun!


Since we got home I’ve just been hanging out on the couch. I’m pretty tired from teaching back to back classes. I suppose I better wake my lazy dog up and take her for a walk. Hope you’re enjoying the day!


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